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Full Body Integrated Awesomenss

A session all about you! Exercising for strength, for cardio, for mobility, for recovery = for a feeling of AWESOMENESS!
Using Sandbells, ViPR and Bodyweight – every single exercise can be fully customised to suit you!

Cardio Punch

A session involving a lot of punching, some kicking, and getting your heart pumping.
Gloves and Mitts provided, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

Strength & Conditioning

A session adding variety into the week by going back to traditional strength work.
This means we will be focusing less on whole body integration, but rather isolate certain muscle groups/body areas to build strength and power

FBI Punch

This session mixes FBI – A and Cardio Punch into one.

Surprise Saturday

On Saturdays we will go with the flow. Depending on participant numbers we will either focus on team challenges, games and fun, or learn movement routines, either body weight or with added load, concentrating on smooth fluid movement and transitions from one move into the other, with rhythm and timing.

Tai Chill

Tai Chill is a TaiChi based movement session which will take you through a series of smooth and controlled wholistic body movements. It will take you into a meditative state whilst focusing on your breathing and simply being in the now.

20 minutes of hard work: 5 exercises, 8 rounds each of 20 secs on 10 secs off
Includes warm up and cool down.

These classes are limited to 12 participants, so bookings are essential.
They are capped to a max of 12 people, to assure quality.
Tai Chill is open to unlimited participants, so are the online classes

Usual Location:
St. Elizabeth’s Primary School, Hocking

Pricing & Booking

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JSR Functional Fascial Fitness

A 60 minute session split into 30 minutes of movement preparation (foam rolling) and 30 minutes of fascial based movements to help with conditioning as well as recovery. This session runs through Joondalup Sports Remedial Massage (JSR) in Joondalup. They offer more classes then these two scheduled here, but these two are run under my supervision.
Cost is $25 to be paid at JSR after class.

Pricing & Booking