Are you falling for 1 exercise FAD after the other?

Are you falling for 1 exercise FAD after the other?


Exercising and Fitness has been around for a very very long time.
You only need to look East and you find YOGA, TAI CHI, KUNG FU etc etc etc
Back in the days when those were not known to the western world, it was all about control of the mind, mind over matter and energy flow. It had spirituality to it.

Since exercise has been westernized so to say, it is all about the looks! Even Yoga, which at least is still seen as a relaxant exercise type, advertises with building leaner, stronger and more flexible bodies!

The picture above only shows a few types of exercise styles, as well as one tool which I find particular funny: The sweat suit from the 1960’s!! But oh, look! Now we have Hot Pants in the 2000’s! Yes, That is right. The sweat suit is back in the form of some AWESOME looking pants!!! …. Please!
Anyway, there are hundreds of tools and types on how to exercise your body out there and thanks to internet and TV in your face, constantly!!!
And they all claim to be the best, the only one thing to work, and you have to give it a shot to see for yourself!
How come I wonder, if all these things and types of exercise work and are so amazing….how come people all over the place get fetter and lazier?
I believe the thing is: we all know what we should do. We all know what we could do to exercise and stay fit and healthy.
But to know it, is NOT doing it!!!
But where to start? With all this to choose from? For some it is simply easier to just stay on the couch, or the office chair (that for all the workaholics out there 😉   )
Others get started on one thing, but then they loose motivation, because they had to discover that this new exciting exercise is just as lame as the one they tried before. So they sit back again and wait for the next FAD to arrive. “I need something different every time, so I do not get bored!”    Sound familiar?

So here is the thing:
With all what is on offer out there, you need to find the WHY first!
Why do you need/want to exercise?
If you want to do it for some reason, great! That will be easy.
If you need to for some reason – attache another WHY to that.
So for example: You need to exercise Why? Because you need to loose weight otherwise you may die of coronary disease.   What would that mean…?
Your family will loose you. Your life gets cut short and you will miss out on your kids growing up or seeing the world.
See what I am getting at? You need to personalize your WHY to make it a strong enough reason so the NEED to exercise becomes a WANT to exercise!!!

Point 1

Point 2
Now that you want to exercise, the next question is: What kind of exercise does your body need and keeps you mentally engaged as well?
Well only trial and error will show.
So it is a good thing that there is so much on offer to choose from.
However, who said you only have to choose and stick with one thing?

A mix of a few different types of exercise is a good thing.
Our bodies thrive on variability!!!

Here are the basic exercise types:
Aerobic and Anaerobic
Mobility and Stability
You want to exercise your body aerobically to build a cardiovascular system that can go for a long time without hassles (for example: long distance running)
You want to exercise your body anaerobically to build powerful muscular strength for a short time (for example: lifting something extremely heavy)
You want to exercise your body for mobility to be able to move your body in full range of motion to deal with forces entering the body in an efficient way, and reduce risk of injury (for example: moving things through space)
You want to exercise your body for stability for the same reason as mobility.
Stability without Mobility is Rigidity (Michael Dalcourt)

So go out there and exercise!
Move, lift, slam, turn, roll…whatever makes your heart and face smile 🙂

Keep in mind that life is about balance: Good vs bad, Light vs Dark…Exhausting Exercise vs. Regenerative Exercise
If you want to exercise for all over health and well being, for longevity, then find the balance that is right for you!
If you want to train to reach a certain physical goal, then yes – you will have to adjust the balance from 50:50 to probably 70-80:20-30, but that is another story.
To find the balance for you you need to listen to your body: What feels good, what doesn’t? How long does it take you to recover? Does it influence you life in other areas (more or less hungry for example, or better or worse sleep?)?
Example: If you work in a highly demanding job, and after a 10 hour day you hit the gym or whatever to smash yourself to an even higher level of exhaustion…probably not the best thing to do looking at it long term.
You heard of those people that are supposedly fit and healthy, exercise every day, only to then suddenly die of a heart attack?!
I know you have. Well guess what, I knew a few of those personally and I can tell you that every single one of them pushed their stress levels too high for too long. Job wise as well as in the gym.
One actually was a trainer himself as well as running one of the Institutes here in Perth educating others to become trainers.

All I am saying is: There is nothing wrong with x-fit, as much as there is nothing wrong with Pilates!!!
As long as they are carried out correctly and safe, and not solely as the only solution to health and longevity!

For those of you that have trained with me know that I love anything that makes me smile.
I like to exercise, letting my inner child out, because I know that the hormonal response when truly enjoying a work out is so much more beneficial to my health, than when pushing along wishing for it to end…but that is another topic 🙂
I like to move my body, have a bit of a challenge, and feel the air and light on my skin! That is what makes exercising fun for me.
If I lift weights or just use my body weight, if I move like an animal or go for a run as we humans do, or if I dance is all secondary for me, as I incorporate all of that in my workouts.

If you liked this or disagree with anything, please let me know.
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