Be Sun Smart – Chemical Free

Be Sun Smart – Chemical Free

As we head into summer advertisements for using sunscreen increase everywhere around us
Who doesn’t know the good old Slip Slap Slop campaign?!
And most of will do as we are told.
But what if blindly following what authorities tell us to do, may cause more harm than good in the long run?
What if the sun is not our enemy?

I am not a scientist, a researcher, nor do I claim that what I am about to write is right.
I simply use my gut instinct, and that tells me that I may want to be careful about what I put onto my skin to protect me.
The truth is, once you start looking into this matter, as with everything else, you will find research that says: This is all non sense! Commercial sunscreens are safe to use and not toxic at all!
And you will find research that says: Stay away form ingredients like Titanium Dioxide, Benzophenones, PABA, PBSA, (and many more), as they can interrupt the endocrine system, change DNA, and cause allergic reactions.
(Full List of ingredients on picture down the bottom)

So, where do you go from here?
As I said, I just follow my gut.
I believe that sunburn can lead to unhealthy changes in your cells.
I also believe that some unprotected sun exposure is vital for good health.
We need it to produce vitamin D, and in a way, sunshine is pure energy. Plants need sun to grow,so why shouldn’t we?
Further, I have never been a big fan of any kind of fatty sticky substance on my skin, naturally I am not a big fan of any sunscreen. Besides all the laboratory produced chemicals that are in sunscreen, as well as so many other products people put daily on their skin, I just do not believe in blocking my pores with any kind of substance. Skin needs to breathe!
However, to avoid getting sunburned, in my opinion you have 3 healthier options.

Option 1
Reduce your time in the sun to a max of around 20 minutes. That time may vary from person to person, for me that is what I can handle without getting even slightly red.
If due to work or whatever reason you have to stay longer right in the sun (not shade – but sun)…

Option 2
Cover up!
Light airy pure cotton long arm shirts and pants and a hat to put your face and ears into the shade are your best options here.

Option 35cd3e19dec8ec371ac6ecec567a32933
Use natural oils like coconut or wheatgerm oil!
Yes, coconut oil has a natural SPF of 7 and Wheatgerm oil has a SPF of 20.
If you absolutely need a fancy product in your bathroom check out this oil by Halka B Organics located in Freo!

Other things to consider:
We have an inbuilt natural protection against skin damage!
YES!!!   Antioxidants protect our cells from free radical damage. Simply eat a diet full of fresh fruit and veg to increase your natural cell protection.
Dr. Kenneth Nelder (Leading Oncologist and Dermatologist in the US) :”Skin cancer is caused from not eating enough fruits and vegetables. Not Sunshine!”

Accumulations on and in the skin of chemicals, yeast, fungus, parasites and mold can also lead to skin damage.
Here is a video showing how to go through a skin cleansing routine to get rid of all that build up stuff ( I haven’t tried it yet, but Tyler has amazing results with everything he does.
For me however, again I follow my gut. The skin is an elimination organ, means it helps us to get rid of stuff that is harmful to us. So in my head it makes sense to think that if the body is fueled properly with fresh real food, all organs will work effectively and do their job just as they are designed to do!)

When the sunlight hits the retina in your eyes, it sends signals to the brain to increase protection to the skin, as well as to start Vitamin D production, which in itself is a necessary vitamin against any type of tumor growth in our bodies.
So here is food for thoughts: Maybe by wearing sunnies all the time we inhibit our own bodies response to protect ourselves from damaging radiation exposure through the sun…

Bottom line is:
Get fully unprotected sun exposure  for SHORT periods of time! Build up the length of time. If your body hasn’t seen sun in a long time, you may burn within a few minutes, depending on your personal skin type and other circumstances.
The rest of the time, stay in the shade, cover up with clothes, or use natural products like coconut or wheatgerm oil. Invisible zinc is not a bad option. But since not all ingredients need to be listed on labels here in OZ, who knows what else is in there they do not tell us about.

Personally, come spring you will find me (well, hopefully not )  sunbathing once a day if the weather is right for it, fully clothed in my birthday suit!
I start with only 5-10 minutes on each side, and increase that as time goes by.
I have found over the last few years that the sun has more power much earlier, so start with just a few minutes and see how you react.
This method wont make immune to sunburn, but it will allow you to be out in the sun without having to cover yourself in sun cream for quite some time, should you have to!



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