Bush walking is back

Hello Everyone  😀 

It is this time of the year where, so long as it doesn’t rain cats and dogs, the weather is great to do some bush walking, as it doesn’t get too hot.
Last winter we did manage to get in a few. Let’s see what we can make happen this time around.
Every 4-6 weeks there will be 1 organized Recreational Bush Walk.

The plan outlines as follow:

Sunday 18.06.17
To start things off, I would like to keep things local and simply do the loop around Joondalup Lake.
I would start on Ocean Reef Road.
2 reasons.
1. Once we walk half way we will come past the Leap Frog Cafe in Wanneroo. Means we can stop for a refreshment, or stop and stay and wait to be picked up later if need be.
2. Once we have done the whole loop, we can keep walking into the swamp land on the opposite side. For those that are keen that is 😉
The lake loop is 16km long, so will take roughly 3.5hours. It is an easy walk, and dogs are allowed on the lead.
Start time 10am


Sunday 23.07.17
Bilya Walk Track in Toodyay
Possible 10.30am start. Dogs are allowed. This one is an easy 9km walking return trip.


Sunday 10.09.17
Yanchep National Park
Possible start 9.30am. Dogs are not allowed.
Yanchep NP has again multiple options for walking and exploring. If it is too hot – there are caves that can be visited 😉

Sunday 15.10.17
Ellis Brook Valley near Gosnells
Possible start 10.30am. Dogs are allowed 🙂
Same scenario as with all the previous parks. You can decide how much walking you want to do on the day.

Sunday 12.11.17
Walyunga National Park
Possible start 10.00am. Dogs are not allowed.
Again Walyunga offers lots of different lengths as well as difficulty trails to choose from. It is up to you how much you want to do on the day.


All these have been entered into the online booking system, and bookings are essential. Though these walks are free of charge, if no one books, I may safe myself the drives and end up doing something different. Also, if I do not know who is coming and haven’t got contacts, I can not get in touch last minute should things change (weather/sickness etc) or pass on details of meeting points etc to start with. So please, book in. You can always cancel if need be.

Please share these events with friends and family! Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier  🙂

Thank you for your time.

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