One thing most people miss as part of their ongoing health routine

One thing most people miss as part of their ongoing health routine

The craze of living a healthier lifestyle seems to get bigger and bigger.

For some reason though, it also seems to be limited to what we put into our body. Everything is about food, foremost.
After that comes exercise, and that is where it then ends.
Whenever I read one of those articles in a magazine or see something on TV, all I hear is you have to do this, and eat that, you are not allowed this or that, and you have to exercise.
You have to, you need to GO GO GO!!!!

How stressful!
And how bad do you feel if you do not do it?! All this pressure to fit in….literally!
Because in the end it is always about weight loss!

But what about recovery? Isn’t resting just as important as being active and fueling our bodies with good nutrients?
I say yes! And I also say, as with everything – a good balance is needed of all the components for a truly healthy lifestyle.
And always it comes down to the individual what that balance looks like. Everyone is different and thrives on different measures.
However, even the best race horse needs to be looked after and cared for and rest.

So, that one thing people miss when talking about healthy lifes: Rest and recovery!!!
And even though there is a few things one can do to excel in this area, I only want to focus on one in this blog.
Besides a good sleep routine, meditation and practicing mindfulness, massage is the other thing that will help with rest and recovery.


Massage therapy benefits EVERYONE!
It is an essential recommendation for any sportsman to include treatments into their weekly schedule, though you do not need to train for the Olympics or one marathon after the other to qualify to benefit from regular massage treatments.
Particular myofascia release, working on the bony parts of the body, where muscle turns into tendon and ligaments, has a huge impact on whether you will wake up stiff and sore the next day.
Massage in these areas increases circulation and therefore nutrient transport to the areas. The more nutrients as well as fluids can get into the soft tissue surrounding the joints, the more these tissues will regenerate and stay lubricated and therefore mobile, allowing stable movement without restrictions.
Same goes for the muscle tissue itself, the better the nutrient supply is the less likely the occurrence of muscle cramps for example, as magnesium has been replenished which allows the muscle to contract and relax normally instead of suddenly and jerky.

Massage not only helps to bring nutrients into the tissue, but also to transport waste material like lactic acid out of the tissue via the circulatory as well as the lymphatic system.

Due to the above, massage therapy will help you to increase your body awareness, which in the long run will allow you to monitor your body’s movement better and make smarter decisions about what it is your body needs to function properly. Massage therapy helps to increase your range of motion, keeping your body mobile, but stable, improving soft tissue functionality, therefore improving physical performance in sports as well as everyday life.
To live a long healthy and happy life, prevention and maintenance are the 2 key  issues to focus on.
The only 2 things that helps with both these issues at the same time are Massage and Movement therapy, by easing blood flow and keeping mobility in the connective tissue.

Stop seeing massage as a measurement of pampering yourself, but as  essential for your health and well being!
Getting your nails done, or your beard trimmed ( for our males out there 😉 )
these are things to pamper yourself. They are not essential to your health.
However, a well lubricated and functioning connective tissue system is 😉

Commit yourself for 6-12 weeks (make it a weekly or fortnightly event) and FEEL the difference it will make to your health and well being!

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  1. Great article!
    Go-go-ing all the time can get addictive, but as for any cycle, rest has to balance go; we can’t only breathe in..
    With proportionate emphasis on health of mind as to the body, less anti-depressants and myriad other drugs might allow for a healthier body (which would ease our mind, which would relax our body, & so on..)
    With the body storing emotional tensions, releasing these via massage allows a clearer mindset.
    Resulting greater body awareness allows subsequently more conscious alleviative responses & strategies.
    Once begun, we evolve a positive spiral of improvement, body & mind feeding back increasing awareness into one another.
    These re-balancing processes naturally take time, as we did to get to the state we’re currently in.
    A regular massage regime naturally benefits support of these processes, as well as continual additional developments.
    Incorporating such a therapeutic aid as an integral part of our long-term health vision, we’ll witness consistently aided gentle effort in the right direction will yield extremely positive results.
    (Suffering multiple injury-related handicaps of a previous serious car accident, a long-term ongoing combination of regular exercise & massage therapy now allow me to manage a physically demanding job & live comfortably.
    I have seen these changes unfold over time in myself, and so can fully recommend the benefits of patience & faith, as well as a good therapist!
    Mine writes this blog! 🙂

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