Hello friends of VIVESCO 🙂

We have an exciting opportunity happening next week, and I would hate for you to miss out on it!
This opportunity is not just for you, but maybe even more so for someone you know. Someone who is dear to you.

A lot of you have had massage treatments from me, or trained with me either 1on1 or in a group.
Now, you all have your own story.
You also have things in common.
These things are that you felt better after your session, you moved more freely after training with me for a while.
Some of you have even reduced the use of painkillers, because daily aches and pains have become less or disappeared after ongoing sessions. For some even after just one session.

I know that you know, that what I do has worked for you. I also know that you know that I always do my best to look at the bigger picture. Hence my massage techniques as well as my training style differs quite a bit from the norm that you find around.

The opportunity next week is, that you can share all this with someone you know would benefit from what would I do.

I have booked the Pearsall Hocking Community Center to hold a 1 hour workshop.
There I will introduce to people the myofascial lines. This will help to understand how the whole body is truly one, all connected.
I will guide those who will participate through self myofascial release techniques (hands on stuff), as well as teach them mobilisers. Tools they can use, if needed every day, to manage tightness, stiffness, lack of mobility, and even aches and pains.

Everyone will then have another opportunity to commit to another 6 sessions to explore their own personal body in more depth. I will then present solutions for issues found.
This can truly be a life changing step for some, I am sure of it!

And the best of it all, it is only $5 for the 1 hour Thursday the 22nd.

This will be new information for some. It is also a great refresher for those that have been with me for a while.
Particular in a group setting, even though I do my best to give everyone the attention they need and deserve, it is not always possible, and therefore things can get past me.

So please come along, and more importantly, share it with others around you!
At only $5 and an hour of your time, there is not much for you to loose 🙂
Book your ticket through Eventbrite


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