Recreational Bush Walk

In June VIVESCO headed out for the first Recreational Bush Walk in Bold Park.
Everyone had a really good time πŸ™‚

The second walk that was scheduled for July was cancelled due to the weather. So was the third walk, which was supposed to happen tomorrow πŸ™

However, there is a new date for that one! Fingers crossed we will get a nice sunny spring day for it.

Sunday 28.08.16
John Forrest National Park
Start 10.00am. Dogs will have to stay home πŸ™ Planning on doing part of the Eagle View Trail, leading into the Railway Heritage Trail to end up at Parkerville Tavern for a hearty lunch before return πŸ™‚
JF NP offers lots of possibilities for all fitness levels and you can decide what you want to do on the day. sure to book your spot for the day. Not due to restricted numbers, but simply so I can forward all necessary information specifically to those who are coming. Thank you.

You can also note down the date for the walk in September already

Sunday 18.09.16
Walyunga National Park
Possible start 10.00am. Dogs are not allowed.
Again Walyunga offers lots of different lengths as well as difficulty trails to choose from. It is up to you how much you want to do on the day



On a different note, I need to inform you that I will be away for a week at the start of September.
Sessions for Group Training as well as PT sessions will be cancelled from Thursday the 8th of September till Wednesday the 14th of September.Β 
Everything will be back to normal from Thursday the 15th of September.
I am aiming to create some 30 minute movement/training videos to email to my current clients, so they don’t have to miss out completely.


Thank you for your attention πŸ™‚

And remember:

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