Spring Cleanse Your Body

Spring Cleanse Your Body.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, here is the blog entry about Spring Cleansing Your Body.
However I decided not to write much because there is much info about “detoxing”, “cleansing”, “fasting” etc on the net already, and I know that people are busy and hardly anyone actually sits down to read through hundreds of pages of info.

So I will keep it short and sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

1. We all know that nowadays we live in a world that bombards us with harmful substances pretty much 24/7: Chemicals surround us in the form of fumes (cars, air refreshers, deodorants), hiding in every day products like plastic containers and creams, FOOD and WATER…a while ago my housemate had bought one of those stick on toilet cleaners: It stated on the packaging, that it is hazardous to aquatic life! And yet, we stick it in our toilets, and it stank!!! I tell you that stuff was quicker gone out of my house than it had entered it!

2. Our lifestyle is way more hectic and we deal with a lot more stress. Not always noticeable ย as stress does not always mean you will be running around like a headless chuck. Sometimes it is a thought that goes round and round in your head, worries about money, or your health or that of your family…the list goes on.
Now the body deals with any kind of stress with the same response that most of us know as the Fight or Flight reflex: Most important info here is that your adrenals work overtime. Adrenals backfire to the thyroid gland which in turns has a feedback mechanism with the pineal gland and so on. Also when the adrenals are firing, digestion usually slows down, which in the long run can lead to blood sugar problems, leaky gut, gallbladder issues etc. Long story short, the bodies hormone system has to work super hard to keep the body in balance, up to a point when it is not possible anymore. That is when we get symptoms like weight gain, tiredness, menstrual problems, emotional imbalances, skin irruptions and so on!

3.The usual answer to all this is taking medications to help fall asleep at night, stay awake throughout the day, and cover up all the other symptoms, which most of the time than leads to side effects, which again if you listen to most doctors will be treated again with even more medication.
Honestly, doesn’t that sound ridiculous to you?!

How about if you could counter act all of the above with simply giving your body a break every now and then, by nurturing it with healthy wholesome food and fresh yummy juice, some time out, sunshine, a good book, a walk in nature, intelligent exercise, laughter, love and gratitude.
Preferably you should include all the above on at least a weekly base, but if you do not work in the wellness sector yourself, it can be very difficult to implement these changes into your lifestyle.
Hence, taking a week to 2 weeks once or twice a year is a good start.

So here is what you can do in a nutshell:
If you can not take time off work, start on a Friday and keep the weekend open if possible as it will give you time to adjust to the changes a bit better.
It is up to you if you simply want to change your diet for the time being, say to a vegetarian diet, or vegan, or raw vegan, or if you want to go without food and opt for a fast. This can be juice or water (water is quite extreme and I do not recommend to do a water fast if it is your very first time).
Whatever you do, a change to your usual routine will wake up your body as it has to adapt to the changes.
Before you start make up your mind what you want to do and prepare: go shopping for what you need: Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, preferably organic. Your fridge should be stacked all the way with vibrant colors!
Changing your food intake, can be seen equally to an oil change for your car.

I highly recommend to book in for 1-3 colonics. Yes, colonics: The open end of a tube in your bum to fill your colon with water (there is coffee enemas, too) to flush out all the nasties that have accumulated over decades (for most people). As you may not know, but a lot of people do not empty their colons properly when going for a No.2 Little pockets in the bowels fill up with waste material and cause a lot of harm to our bodily vessel.
It will feel weird to start with, but believe me – You will feel great after!
This can be seen like a engine wash for your car.

Include mindful practices, clear out your schedule, take time for yourself where possible. Listen into your body, feel the reactions to the changes you make.
Some people can get headaches, feel flat and experience body aches (mostly when fasting, as it is the quickest way to get the organs doing their job better = get rid of toxins. Toxins often sit deep in the tissues hence you will feel the way you feel as it is hard work for the body to pull them out. However, these not so nice feelings should pass after the first few days. So hang in there. And sometimes, people just feel fabulous all the way!
After a while you should feel lighter, more relaxed, clearer in your head, sleep better.
Talking of sleep: Get rid of the TV in your bedroom. Any electrics for that matter. The bedroom should have now artificial light once you close your eyes, and you are much better off reading a book before going to sleep than getting bombarded with bad news, horror or action movies or big drama, all with a background of blue light (blue light is very stimulating to the mind = restless sleep)!

Well,I hope this all makes sense to you and you feel intrigued or even motivated to go ahead and make some changes, even if it is just for a short period.
But maybe it will end in a way that you will not even go back to the way you live before ๐Ÿ˜‰

Go through my newsletters from the last year and you will find nice juice recipe from every month.
If you think you need more guidance, ideas, advise or want to know more in depth about harmful substances, what exactly happens in the body when we do change our diet or go on a fast, get familiar with a juicer and or blender ( I love smoothies, too), then check out this link here. You can book me for a 1on1 session to talk about all this or get some friends together and make a day off it. Learn, share and have fun with your peers!

This is a good website with lots of stories of people who went on a juice fast
Another very good page full of wisdom and contact if in serious need for some help:


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