Spring Into Motion

Spring Into Motion

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The season of spring is closely upon us    Sooooo excited!!!

Spring represents rebirth, renewal, growth and new life. Spring can be a time to clean out the old, plant seeds for the future and recommit or commit to goals, old as well as new.
Short: Spring is a time of renewed, fresh and vibrant energy!

If you are one of the many that hibernated a bit over winter, procrastinated some goals, got out of their healthy habits and routine a bit, as many of us do, as it really is just kind of natural, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to start over.
Theoretically you can do that any time of the year, but again, if you go with the natural cycle of things, then now is your time!

I invite and encourage you to conjure up the spirit of spring through the movement of your body. Commit to moving and loving your body through the joy of movement.

Don’t know what to do or where to start?
Here are some ideas 

Move it Outdoors
The most important factor from my perspective, and hence the reason I train outdoors whenever I can, is to connect moving my body with the vibration of earth. Soaking up the fresh air, feeling the wind and sun on my skin, the grass under my feet. All this intensifies the feel good hormones we get through exercising, and helps the nervous system to build stronger pathways for new healthy habits. We spend so much time of our lives inside with artificial light and air, surrounded by electromagnetic waves from computers and phones…cut yourself free at least once per day and reconnect with mother nature. It is so good for your soul.

An easy way to start moving is simply to go for walks.
Should you be fitter and feel like a bit of a challenge, start training for some races. Most fun runs, racing events are in late summer, autumn, and even winter, So spring is the perfect time to have a bit of a search online, find something that appeals to you and start training for it. Having a goal like this can help with motivation, though pure motivation comes from within.
Also, if you are not used to running or you had a bit of a break, ease back into it. Otherwise the hard, long, and repetitive impact can lead to injuries that will set you back by miles.
Dr. Patrick Pugliese from the Belridge Chiropractic Center works a lot with runners. He does assessments of technique and teaches proper form as well.
Another good starting point is The Running Center in West Perth.Spring; outdoor; motion

Hit the Trail
I like hiking and running on trails throughout the spring and summer. The scenery is breathtaking, the air is crisp and clean, and the atmosphere is so refreshing. The terrain also challenges different systems and muscles in your body and is therefore a good way to change things up, and give the body more variety.
There are lots and lots of different trail possibilities all around the Perth region, and even within Perth. Check out http://perthtrailseries.com/www/ or http://www.everytrail.com/browse.php?activity_id=12&country=Australia&state=Western+Australia

Not into running?

Bike It
Spring is the perfect time to bring your bike out of hibernation, whether you like to bike casually on a local trail or more seriously by competing in races or even commuting to work. A new goal could be to bike it to work at least once per week. Take a day to tune up your bike. Yes, you can actually get them serviced like a car, to make sure they are road safe and function properly. You should also take some time to brush up your knowledge on road safety when it come to biking and you haven’t done it in a while. Things should be common sense, but often common sense seems to differ a lot from individual to individual. Spring; outdoor; motion

Discover new things
Do walking, running or biking simply not appeal to you? But you are willing to get your move on outdoors?
Then why not try your hand at a sport like tennis, softball, golf or kayaking, surfing,…the list is endless! When you enjoy a sport and work to perfect your skills, the activity hardly seems like a workout despite having major calorie-burning and health-boosting benefits. Look for lessons with a pro in your area, join an amateur adult league (if you’re the least bit competitive, it’ll be a kick in the butt to motivate you to stay active and in shape), or play games with friends or your family. Spring; outdoor; motionSpring; outdoor; motion
Look for an outdoor Personal Training or Outdoor Group Training (not suggesting anything here, but I know the author if this write up is an excellent outdoor trainer   )

Whatever it is, get moving!
Make sure you enjoy it!
If you do not enjoy it, go and give something different a shot!
Mix it up! Our bodies thrive on variation!

Should this have inspired you, check out the spring program I have on offer this year!
Starts Monday the 12th of October and goes for 8 weeks
More info about it can be found HERE

And now get off your bum and get


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