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Tai Chill is back

Announcing happily that Tai Chill is back on the schedule for another 9 weeks, starting January the 30th, with the last session on Wednesday the 27th of March 2019.

Tai Chill is an accredited program based on traditional Tai Chi and Qigong movements.
It is a simplified version of traditional routines, but still with the same benefits that improve flexibility, balance, strength and calms the mind.

All moves are performed standing, but can be modified even to a seated version.
This is something for Beginners as well as for people who already keep fit. You will be surprised how challenging some of the moves can be, due to their ability to be modified from simple to very difficult.
Sessions are not building on each other. Every week will be a slightly varied combination of movements, lead by an instructor to follow along.

Session time is 6.20 – 7.00pm (usually finish just after 7), at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School in Hocking.
Please click here and purchase the TaiChill option to book yourself in.

Reason it will only be on for 9 weeks at this point is, that it will be dark by the end of March almost from start time, and I am hoping to source a different venue, or possibly put it on at a different time/day there after.

Looking forward to see you all soon 🙂


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