Movement Conditioning

Movement Conditioning means to work your body within its abilities. Challenge yourself while respecting your body for what it truly is:
A complex organism where every single part works together,
and because of, another part.

Depending on your personal circumstances, we’ll use the model below to ensure that the movement conditioning is truly suited to you.

Movement Conditioning


In your movement conditioning sessions with Vivesco, you will be met where you need to be met. With encouragement and understanding you will be challenged when you need it, and advised to rest where appropriate to achieve the best outcome for your body, mind and spirit.


Movement Conditioning with Martina at Vivesco is for you if:

  • You have never exercised, but now feel that you should
  • Just thinking about how and where to start exercising seems too much
  • You exercise already, but want to make sure you don’t get injured
  • More energy is something you want
  • You want to have a better relationship with your body
  • Fear of getting injured again holds you back from exercising again
  • You work in a job that is very repetitive in its movements (or not moving much at all!),and need to counteract this in a safe and healthy way
  • Accountability is one of your key points you know you need to stick to an exercise routine
  • You want to compete or achieve a certain fitness goal and need to improve your performance
  • Feeling understood and being taken serious is something that has been missing so far


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