Healthier Christmas and Sunbathing, price changes


and Merry Christmas!!!
It is this time of the year again already. How crazy is that.
Time just seems to run faster and faster every day.
On the other hand – summer is now truly just around the corner, and I am so happy about it 😀
So for this month the newsletter will hold some tips for Christmas, food as well as exercise/health wise,
how to be sun smart without the use of nasty chemicals, and as always my pick of the month for a yummy juice!
Enjoy reading

1. VIVESCO restructured

2. Some healthier/lighter food options

3. How to stick to your health routine

4. Be Sun Smart – Chemical Free

5. Juice of the month

1. VIVESCO restructured
To start this month of I need to tell everyone that from January the 1st VIVESCO Mobile Health & Fitness will have a new price and payment structure in place.
I did not put my prices up since I officially launched VIVESCO 2 years ago, and even though the new structure will see some higher session fees for single sessions, there will be packages available which will keep the prices low.
The new prices and packages can be found here.

Furthermore I plan to change the newsletter to a news-video! YEAH!!!!
I hope I can pull it off as I believe it will be more time effective for everyone when I just tell you all whats new, rather than you having to read it 🙂
So fingers crossed I will be able to work out the camera and all the technical side of things for this to happen by the end of the year!!
However, I will probably still type everything as well, so if you like to read you will not miss out!

And one thing stays the same:
I still offer GIFT VOUCHERS everyone!
Want to do something nice for someone you love, gift them one of the best massages they will ever experience! Or help them to get started live a healthier life!
Or give people ideas what to get for you for Christmas!

2. Some healthier/lighter food options for the big Christmas feast ahead
Personally I never really eat that much as most of the times it is simply way too hot here anyway! 😉
However, I am sure there is still some of you that will go for the heavy meats and sweets, because it is tradition.
So here are just a couple of recipes for some very yummy healthier and lighter alternatives!
I put them into a post of their own, so the newsletter stays short and sweet 😀

3. How to stick to your fitness/health routine throughout the busy season
It is the start of December and there are fruit mince pies and chocolate Santas everywhere!
The family gets together sitting around the big table loaded with mass amounts of foods and drinks.
All the exercise and healthy habits you started to implement not too long ago are quicker gone and forgotten than you can say MERRY CHRISTMAS
And it is not the one-off indulgences that cause weight gain. It happens over time, depending on how sneaky you are towards yourself, quickly or a little slower; an extra biscuit here, a larger glass of wine or another beer here and there, and so forth.

So here are a few tips on how to go against what is expected and do what is good for us instead 😉

Plan, plan, plan
It sounds obvious, but the most effective way of maintaining fitness this Christmas is to plan out when, where and how you will work out. Extra commitments may mean you have to reduce your workout length, so slot in shorter and sharper periods of exercise.
Focus on quality rather than quantity, and try and include incidental exercise wherever possible. This includes walking to the shops instead of driving, joining in on your kids’ evening backyard soccer game or taking the stairs at work instead of the lift.

Get everyone involved
When was the last time you had the family kick the soccer ball together, or play some badminton or simply throw and catch a ball?!
Including your family and friends in your fitness regime is one way to make sure you all stay on track. Exercising with a partner has been found to improve endurance and performance of people performing aerobic activities, meaning group exercise may make you fitter and faster. And it is fun.
Make a pact with your friends to exercise at set times and dates over Christmas, or encourage your family to have regular sports nights over the silly season. You’ll get to spend more time with your loved ones, and your exercise regime won’t go out the window.

Snacks are unnecessary
Stay away from the crackers and biscuits with dips and cheeses I have so often seen as a starter before the main meal!!! There is no need for those extra calories! If you really are that hungry, snack on some carrot sticks, capsicum, cucumber…RAW VEG with healthy dips like some home made guacamole is 1000times better than the pre packaged crap from the supermarkets!

Christmas is only 2-3 days
Stay honest with yourself and keep the treats for the special days! Christmas does not happen all December long, no matter how much you want it to! Set yourself a date by when you will absoluetly get back on track with your 100% good routine, preferably early early January! Otherwise it will be February/March in no time! You know that! It happened before, didn’t it? 😉
So with this in mind, stop overstocking your pantries! Buy only what you really need and when you go for that box of chocolate or lollies whilst shopping, just stop, think about it twice or even three times, and hopefully you will find yourself putting it back on the shelf!

These are all good tips, but none will work if your mind and willpower isn’t strong enough to make the decision towards the healthier options.

Think about what you really want
Choosing a goal like weight loss can set you up for failure right from the start.
Goals need to be attached and align with your values, so choose step by step goals which you can live out every day in order to achieve the long term goal!

Devil VS Angel
Negative thoughts will sneak back into your head, they always do.
If you find yourself waking up thinking: “Stay in bed. This is so much more comfortable!”, check back on your values. Does staying in back will get you to achieve the daily goal you set yourself, or will getting you up get you there? You will recognize that that voice in your head can be pretty load, but it is your decision whether you will listen to it

Stop lying to yourself
If you want to get healthy/fit/run a marathon or become the next best fire fighter, you really need to want it. You need to be prepared to put in the hard work. Eat well, start a fitness routine, and maybe even deal with some emotional stuff that may hold you back from achieving your dreams. Always buying the newest exercise DVD or the latest health gadget on the market will not get you there if you do not use them.

Treat yourself
If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to change the way you think about exercise. When your days are jam-packed with social commitments, unhealthy eating and possible familial tension, try thinking of exercise as a treat instead of a chore.
Exercise is a well-known stress relief, and one study from the American College of Sports Medicine has found its anxiety-relieving benefits can be felt long after exercise has stopped. Going for a walk or run or playing sport around Christmas time could be the perfect way to boost your mood and clear your head of any seasonal stress.
Start seeing the positives, and if I may say, this is easier done outside: Enjoy the nature that surrounds you, the color of the grass and the sky, feel and breath the fresh air, the warmth of the sun on your skin – be grateful and happy to be alive!

4. Be Sun Smart – Chemical Free
I will not dive too deep in to this topic as I have so much to say here, I decided to give it it’s own blog post. So stay tuned for this one to come out in about 2 weeks time!
Only that much:
There is NO proof that sun exposure is the number 1 cause for, in particular, skin cancer.
Yes, it is still not known what exposure to UVA radiation really does to our bodies, so I can not say that Sunshine doesn’t cause cancer, but I dare to say that choosing more natural products for UVB radiation protection would let us see a fall in skin cancer cases in Australia, and the rest of the world.
More to this in 2 weeks 🙂

5. Christmas in a glassDSC6383
Strawberry Lemon or
Strawberry Lime
add some mint
Oh My It is soooo good!
Blend your strawberries to reduce the waste – it would be a shame!


  1. Hi Martina, some great recipes there!
    Looking forward to your thoughts on the sun/cancer issues, some sunscreens quite complex chemical cocktails, onto & deep INTO your skin!
    ..and the vitamin D deficiency issues..
    Good luck with the videotech, sure you’ll nail it. 😉

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