Flower Essences

Flower Essences.

Flower Essences are a wonderful tool to help with all kind of deep seated emotional issues, even those that are lingering in the unconsciousness, as well as with physical symptoms.
Flower Essences are preparations made from the flowers, therefor carrying their energy or essence. Different flowers carry different energies, just as we humans, and so can help with different situations.

This is my personal story about how I know that Flowers work.
I had started my studies in naturopathy and one of the units covered the Essences. this was back in Europe so we worked with the Bach Flowers (more to this further down).
We read the different properties of the flowers and I chose in my head the flowers I thought I could need back then to help me deal with certain emotional issues – I was anxious and inpatient because I was in the wait for my australian visa and worked in a job I didnt like at all.
Anyway, when it came to find out which flowers where for us we didnt just pick them, but had another student showing us each and every singel essence and we had to decide within a second if we had a positive or negative affinity for that particular essence. Then we had to chose 7 out of the negative and positve chosen flowers, and then again 7 out of the 14.
I had already realized that this way I had chosen all different flowers then what I had earlier in my head.
Once everyone was done we sat together and went through the flowers we chose. When it came to the ones I chose and my teacher read out what they were for the most incredible thing happend:

Whilst I was listening to her reading out the meaning of the flowers, pictures came into my head, pictures of something that had happened to me years and years ago and that I thought I had forgotten a long time ago. The images were so clear and all the memories came back and I simply bursted into tears. For another half an hour or so I couldnt calm down – the emotions of this event that had happend to me so many years back rolled over me like a wave and took me with it. It took me some time to realize and remember that this really happened to me as it had been so long ago and I had done a very good job in burrying these memories deep deep deep inside of me.
But once I had calmed down, my teacher made me a bottle with my essences and I went home and started taking them. And a couple of weeks later I felt strong enough to face the person that had hurt me so many years ago, and talk to that person about it to let them know that I do remember and that I need some time to heal the wounds that person left me with. And I needed this confrontation to really leave these memories behind for good, and not just burried. I was able to forgive the person a while later and even though I can still remember what happened all those years ago, I can accept it as a part of my history and I made peace with it.

Without the flowers I maybe would have never remembered and therefor could have never faced certain fears in my life. My unconsciousness chose the flowers it needed so I could move forward in life, working on issues seated way deeper than the little problems I thought I needed help with.
This is how I know that the essnces really work. Not every person will have strong reactions like this, usually flowers work more subtle. I guess I just had to deal with these things because I was about to leave it all behind me by moving continents!!!! I still did, but I didnt leave things behind – I took them with me because they are part of me and make me who I am.
Nowadays I use the flowers for so many different things, and every time I feel a lot better about deciscions I have to make or situations I have to deal with, or even when I am in physical pains or stressed out.

So this is my story of how I got in touch with the Flower Essences and if it caught your interest and you want to read more about them go to the links below. And if you feel this could be for you and could help you, give me a ring!

There are a few different brands of Flower Essences, the longest that has been around the Bach Flower Range which consists of 38 Essences from Flowers mainly found in Europe
This is just one website to go to


but there are many more with lots of information and history.
Here in Australia we have our own Flower Essences from Australian flowers. I work with the range from Living Essences. They are located in Joondalup and offer a lot of courses for self developement as well as how to use the flowers (Life Academy).
Australian Bushflowers is a different range which is already widely available in Health Food stores


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