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Martina – Out 🙂

This Newsletter reaches you when I am already on my big trip!
To be exact, this newsletter today reaches you from Dubai. But that is really not important 😉
What I thought may be important so, is the question how to keep your good nutrition up when one travels, lives out of a suitcase, and does not have access to fresh, organic food.
So I put together my personal Good Health Travel Survival Kit

There is a few different products that I can choose from to take with me.
All of these products are without any nasty fillers, additives, colors etc, and are as close to their natural state as possible being a supplement.
IMG_2603This is my personal favourite. It is a powder and filled with all sorts of goodness:
It has all your “superfoods” like spirulina, chlorella, kale, acaci etc in it as well as herbs and heat stable probiotics to support certain body systems. 6gm in water each day and you get the full rainbow of nutrition. The only thing that is not included are your good healthy fats, Omega 3’s.


This one would be my next choice, as it comes with almost the same ingredients, just not quite as strong as the first one. However, it has a lot of fermented ingredients, therefore very enzyme and biotic rich, easy to digest.
Again, no fatty acids though.
But from a mineral, vitamin = nutrient perspective, and excellent choice

IMG_2602For those that need it more convenient, or are less compliant with taste (though both above powders taste nice, the second one sweeter to the first),
Juice Plus is the probably the best supplement available on the market in capsules.
I know it is a multi level marketing product and looked upon in a negative light by many, but it is, according to the company, GMO free, no nasty fillers or additives, and simply juiced and spray dried fruit, veg and berries.
Being a MLM product, you can not buy it in shops or online, but I can hook you up with a seller, I may even start doing it myself once I am back from my trip.

All the above products will help to keep your digestive system healthy and will help prevent travel diseases like the common cold, tummy upsets etc. It will not prevent you from injuring yourself going sky diving etc 🙂

Should you feel you need some extra support for your immunity, you could pack something like this
IMG_2606Zinc and vitamin C are essential for Gut Health and therefore the best thing to take to fire up your immune system!



And last but not least, if you intend to train a lot whilst traveling, or you know you will do lots of walking, I would recommend taking some extra protein, just to prevent muscle soreness.

IMG_2605This is an organic fermented brown rice protein. Non gritty texture, unflavoured so you can mix flavours in if you like, and easy to digest being fermented.





Now, depending on how long I go away for, I will always just pack the amount that I need for the time being. No point in carrying unnecessary weight. So you can mix the phyto greens or the RAW multi with the protein into one container, measure the dosages accordingly and give it a good stir/shake. You may not get the exact same dose of everything every single day, but personally I do not believe that this is necessary for good health, as it would be quite unnatural.
If you go for the capsules, you will get the exact same ingredients at the exact same dosage every day.
In the end, that is a secondary factor though. Firstly it comes down to what you feel will work best for for you.
In regards to the fatty acids, I am not a big fan of fish oil capsules and to carry the liquid with you is not a good option either. Chia and Linseeds need to be cracked to be able to be digested by the human body, so you’d need a blender of some sort…Hence, for that one I haven’t found a solution yet. Eat salads made with good extra virgin olive oil, have some deep sea fish every now and then, that is all I can recommend on that one.
The above products though will cover a wide nutrient base, and should keep you strong and healthy whilst on the road, or in the air 🙂

Today I want to have a quick chat about the mineral Mg (Magnesium).
It is a very well known mineral, and most important for a lot of bodily functions:
Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation. It is required for energy production, oxidative phosphorylation (production of ATP within the mitochondria = cell energy production), and glycolysis (breakdown of glucose (simple sugar) = outer cell energy release). It contributes to the structural development of bone and is required for the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and the antioxidant glutathione. Magnesium also plays a role in the active transport of calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes, a process that is important to nerve impulse conduction, muscle contraction, and normal heart rhythm.
Short: Magnesium is essential for the human body to function.
However, the impact of magnesium deficiency often shows in very simple symptoms:
Loss of appetite, fatigue, and weakness. Also numbness, tingling, muscle contractions and cramps, seizures, personality changes, abnormal heart rhythms, and coronary spasms can occur.
Severe magnesium deficiency can result in hypocalcemia or hypokalemia (low serum calcium or potassium levels, respectively) because mineral homeostasis is disrupted.
So if you wake up tired in the morning, if you suffer from recurrent involuntary cramping or muscle spasms, if your muscle simply do not seem to recover well, if you suffer from restless leg syndrome – increase your magnesium intake and see if it makes a difference.
People who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, migraine headaches and Osteoporosis have shown to be low in serum as well as tissue magnesium.
The following are good food sources of magnesium:
Spinach and Almonds are a very good nutritional source of magnesium, as well as Pepita seeds and raw cacao (dig into some raw dark chocolate 😉   )
If you take some supplemental magnesium make sure the form is either an orotate or a citrate, as those are best absorbed and the least toxic in its isolated form. Excess supplemental intake can lead to abdominal cramping and diarrhoea. Forms to cause this are carbonate, chloride, gluconate, and oxide.
The pharmaceutical industry has put the supplemental intake to a max intake of 350 mg per day.
Hope this gives you a good overview on this great mineral!

I wanted to write about fascia freeing, something I incorporate a lot into my massage work nowadays.
As I surfed the web to gather some research and ideas of how to go about writing about it, I stumbled across Gil Hedley, an ex-Rolfer (the oldest form of hands on fascia work), and now researching educator of the human inner space as he calls it.
So instead of me rambling on about fascia freeing I want to share the following video. Take the 5-6 minutes to watch it, as it is so easy to understand. Be aware that there may be some disturbing images though.
Please also read the little pop ups as they explain things a bit deeper and in summary. At minute 4.40 is one of the best to read I find.
It explains about the difference of acute vs. chronic tissue changes in the body.
And one point to take from this:
Our bodies are designed to adjust. Years of adjustment (most often decreased mobility and eventually stiffness and pain if still used) to injury, to misalignment of the body caused by several possible factors, can not be reversed within far less time than what it took to be created.
Enjoy the video

Just a quick summary of a few points from last month’s newsletter
– I would like to remind you of the 8 week Beat The Winter Blues Program which will start on the 29th of September.
It is a fitness program with lots of additional support for all sorts of goals: weight loss, toning, freeing up the facia
that may has accumulated over the winter months sitting cuddled up on the couch… 😉  Check it out here

– Keep coming back to this page to give you ideas what to train for, or to experience something new and fun

– And here are the referral points again in case you are in need for some training or hands on therapy whilst I am
Meant to Move, Kate Aylward 0417150074, Scarborough and North Beach WA
Tonic Massage, Northcourt Building Karrinyup Shopping Centre, 9445 8186, Traditional Thai massage,Swedish  style and foot reflexology. Chloe has Health Fund Rebates, Thitima does a special price as she has not yet been      given a provider number
Live To Relax Remedial Massage, Lisa Heyns, 0408956213
And whilst I am at it, another service that I do not provide, but if you are in need of :
Channy’s Mobile Beauty and Massage (relaxation only), 0439918483

And as always, my Juice of the month
Juice of the month AugustAs it is right in the Orange season:
3 Oranges
2 Carrots
1/2 Beet root
some coconut water if desired

Till next time 🙂





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