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1. New Year Greetings

2. Reminder about price changes and policies

3. More availability

4. Ensuring Service of Excellence

5. Juice/Smoothie of the month

1. New Year Greetings
Hello again and Happy New Year to all of you!
As customs want to us to treat the change of numbers, I wish you all the very best for this new year, the next 12 months ahead of us.
Take advantage of the possibility to start again, at least with certain things, or to make changes.
Some of you may have a whole list with all the things they want to achieve over the months to come, others may only have a few ideas they want to tackle.
Whatever the case, I am sure everyone of you has at least 1 so called ‘New Year Resolution’ or has thought about it.
Anything health or lifestyle related, fitness goals, and even everything else, I am here to help where I can. So even with the things that I may not be qualified for to do, sometimes it just helps to talk to someone else outside of family and friends for some advice, to get a different view on things.
Give me a call, send me a text or email or chat with me next time I see you. Always happy to lend a helping hand, or simply an open ear 😉

2. Reminder about price changes and policies
Just a quick reminder about the price changes for my services, effective from 01.01.2015.
Click here for all the info on fees as well as policies.
I want to you to take particular note of the cancellation policy. It has always been in place, though so far I have never stuck to it.
However, I am getting busier, getting more inquiries, so it is vital for my business to grow, that people hold up to their commitment to me, but also to themselves.
So I ask you all to give me 24 hour notice should you not be able to make a booked session. That allows me to either give the slot to someone else, or rearrange my schedule to suit the circumstances. As long as you give me notice more than 24 hours before session time, I will either refund or reschedule the session. However, should you tell me within the 24 hour period, or not at all for that matter, the session will not be refunded.
For those that do not pay up front, obviously I have no control about whether you will adhere to this policy or not. I also understand that there are circumstances in life where a 24hour notice is simply not possible. All I can do is count on your conscience that you will do the right thing, according to the circumstances. You will receive and invoice for the missed session, whether you pay or not is not my decision.
For those that do pre-pay their sessions, you know me well enough to know that I will never do wrong by you. It is not in my nature to not do anything I can to make it fair on bot sides.
Also, this policy works both ways. Should I be the one who has to cancel, it is really not a question whether the session will be rescheduled or refunded. 100% guarantee I will do right by you!

The reason behind all this is simple. My business is growing, and I want it to grow. For this process to happen more smoothly I need systems in place that can be applied to any size of business. I need to streamline everything more to make it all run efficiently and without too many hick ups.
I thank you for your understanding!

3. More availability
Now the good news 🙂
With my business growing, I am now at a point where VIVESCO Mobile Health & Fitness has my full attention!
No more other jobs on the side, 100% head in the game 🙂
Yay, big step for me. Very exciting, and a little scary…
Anyway, this means that for now I have some more availability  for more sessions/more clients, though I am hoping not for long.
Fingers crossed all goes well, and I will be booked out in now time!
For you guys that have been with me all the way, or just parts of it, a big Thank You, because without you it would not have been possible!
And as with most things, it becomes most popular through word of mouth. Who doesn’t rather go to see someone or try something, someone else has told them good things about, right?!
I very much appreciate your support, help and loyalty, and if you hear someone talk about how they feel physical pain of any sort, or wanting to achieve a particular health or fitness goal, or are fearful of getting injured once starting to move, or think there is no point in getting started because they believe they can not do anything anyway…. then please bud in and tell them about your experiences with me and what we have achieved for yourself, so they can decide whether what I can offer maybe something for them, too.
Thank you so very much!

4. Ensuring Service Of Excellence 
It is paramount for any business to be successful, to provide excellent service.
That can happen on many levels, as we are dealing on several inter human relationship planes. We interact on a business level, but also on a personal level, as well as on different stages of these levels as we get to spend more and more time with each other.
And since there are some things one can not learn to provide excellent service (sometimes some people simply do not work well together), there are things I can do to ensure to provide the best service possible to my clients.
For this year I have 3 courses already on my agenda, that will teach me new things, refresh and strengthen old knowledge, help to apply the theory, and share what I have learned so we can all benefit.
First up is my renewal of my First Aid (knock on wood that I will not be needing it, just as I have never so far!).
On the last weekend of February I will attend a 3 day seminar here in Perth, conducted by the only person in Australia! being able to teach the philosophy and fundamentals of the Anatomy Trains evolution created by Thomas Myer. I will be learning a lot more about body reading and application about fascia freeing techniques, so this is exciting.
In August my continuous education journey will take me to Noosa to attend a 3 day mentorship with Ian O’Dwyer from OD on Movement. He took the theory of Anatomy Trains and put it into physical movements, know by you as Mobilizers. I have attended seminars by Ian before, but this is much more intense, deeper and with a lot of 1on1 time. I am very excited about that.
So please stay tuned as I will make sure to keep you all in the loop about the new things that I will learn.

5. Juice of the month
Last but not least, this month’ juice of the month.
My next blog entry will be about Hydration, so I decided to create this very hydrating and cooling juice:
Handful of Kale, 3 stalks of celery, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 1/2 a zucchini
Kale and Celery for their nutritional value as well as their cooling effects
Cucumber and Zucchini for their high water and potassium content (Zucchini)
Lemon for better taste 😉img_10861

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