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The days are getting longer again 🙂

but winter is still upon us
Under No.1 you will find some more info on how to keep your immune system strong

The main part of our immune system sits in our gut.
Our gut is also called the second brain, and it is the where we make some of our most valuable decisions from: I can feel it in my gut 😉
But today I want to focus on its importance to our immune system.
I won’t bore you with details about what kind of cells and how many are situated where in the gut, as you can read that in any decent text book, or on wikipedia. Also I am not a doctor, I have never seen a gut from the inside, so I would really only repeat what I have read somewhere else.
The following I have experienced myself, as well as having read about it, so I rather write about this.
We have all heard about good and bad gut bacteria by now.
I would like to say, there is no such thing like good and bad. They are all simply bacteria with different purposes. Some promote health for us as their human host, some create problems for us, but that doesn’t make them bad.
My personal story with those bacteria is one lot of women have problems with: Thrush
I don’t want to go into too much detail, as men read this here as well. So long story short: After giving all sorts of things a shot, including chemist stuff, the only thing that helped me in the end to get rid of was a powerful probiotic, particular formulated to help rebalancing the bacteria responsible for ph balance within my lady parts (I still haven’t grasped how the gut flora and the vaginal flora interact as such, but it just shows again how amazing the human body is). Also, whilst I suffered from this, my overall immunity was down. I constantly suffered from cold sores, and one cold attack after the other.
Once I had my gut flora back in balance, the thrush was finally gone and I also experienced less sores and colds.
So if you had a cold, and just can not seem to shake it, or if you have been on antibiotics for any reason, get onto some probiotics to restore your gut flora. And please get some proper bacteria (yes, your “Inner Health” may do for general wellbeing), there is lots of different formulations out there, so have a chat to a naturopath ( if there is one in the pharmacy or the health food store) or ask me, and we shall find the right one suited for your issue.
Please do not go for yakult and things alike as the sugar in those products counteracts all the goodness that is in them – it is a waste of your money in the long run.
Please see here for a list of some of the bacteria found in probiotic supplements

In 3 months time Vivesco Mobile Health & Fitness will be  back in action, and I will start with a new program.
The “Beat The Winter Blues” program
This 8 week fitness, and diet and health support program, will start at the end of September and run till the end of November.
Number of participants is capped to 14, the price is $499
For more info on it click here
Please tell family and friends if you think they may be interested, or maybe they know someone who would be interested 😉

I would like to share with you another page on my website, which is “Industry Events”
Here I collect a lot of events that happen all over WA all throughout the year. It probably hasn’t got all of them, but I am doing my best researching and looking for interesting things to go and check out or participate in.
The events are either fitness or health related, sometimes I may throw in an odd one because I think it could be interesting or fun 🙂
So please, have a look, bookmark the page and make sure to come back to check what is on.

In 4 weeks time I will be in Scotland, followed by some more awesome countries over the weeks to come, so please let me give you the following names and number to you .
These are people and business I receive treatment or training from, so I trust that you will be in good hands if need be, whilst I am away
– Meant to Move (JP Active), Kate Aylward 0417150074, Scarborough and North Beach WA

– Tonic Massage, Northcourt Building Karrinyup Shopping Centre, 9445 8186, Traditional Thai massage,Swedish style and foot reflexology. Chloe has Health Fund Rebates, Thitima does a special price as she has not yet been given a provider number
– Live To Relax Remedial Massage, Lisa Heyns, 0408956213

And whilst I am at it, another service that I do not provide, but if you are in need of :
Channy’s Mobile Beauty and Massage, 0439918483
Offers relaxation type massage, facials, pedicure, manicure, eyelash and eyebrow tint, and lip/chin/eyebrow/brazil waxIMG_5046














Juice of the month for July has only 2 ingredients, but feel free to add on 🙂
To get 1 litre you need about 8 oranges and 1 big knob of fresh turmeric, add some coconut water
( you could add ginger for some extra heat)

Juice of the month July

That is it for now.
The next Newsletter will reach you from Europe 🙂
Take care everyone, and keep smiling

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