June Blurb

1. Boost your immunity
2. The right gear for the cold and wet
3. New technology in “fight” against all disease
4. First Announcement – Long deserved holiday
5. Juice of the month


It is getting colder!
Out training in the mornings now I can see my breath…. Beanie time 🙂

Hope you are going well, keeping warm and your immune system up to scratch?!
Should you have trouble in the colder months keeping your nose clear and your throat tickle free, here are a few things you can give a shot to see whether it works for you

– Keeping warm
(comfortably, not to an extreme where you could sit around in your bathers) for me is a key factor   in winter to stay healthy. As soon as I get cold feet, or a cold head, I will most likely come down with a cold. So get some sheep wool slippers or alike to wear at home, if you get wet feet on the way to work, have a spare pair of socks and maybe even shoes to change. Take your beanie with you or a headband, and wear some gloves and clothing that will let your skin breath but keep you warm at the same time. To dress in multiple layers in winter is often best as you can strip on and off to accommodate to different situations (different aircon settings, driving in the car, using public transport, shopping centres… you get the idea)

– Eating nutritious food!
This is a non brainer really, and should be something you do on a more or less daily basis anyway. Nutrients are the building blocks for everything in our bodies: healthy looking glowing skin, strong hair and nails, a strong nervous and immune systems, and perfectly working inner organs.
In winter however, I often find the quality of the food that people eat reduces as we tend to go for more comforting   warming foods (pies, pastries, hot food which is often not cooked vegetables).
To still get loads of good nutrients into your body, opt for stews with lots of veg, or homemade soups.
Buy vegetables that are in season (broccoli, cauliflower, celery, parsnip…all your rooty stuff), chop it up, cook it  in some water, blend it and add herbs and spices to your liking!!!
Should you feel that that is still not enough, there are some great supplements on the market that are relatively close to the real thing, and money better spent than on a nasty multi vitamin pill. Look for Herbs of Gold Phyto Greens or Vital Greens (they are my top pick. Freeze dried powdered “superfoods”, herbs, fruits and vegetables), and have a serve of them every day to top up your nutritional intake.

– Teas Teas Teas
Herbal teas in winter are and amazing thing to indulge in. They have supporting/healing properties (depending on which herbs are used) and they add some flavour change to your water. They also help to keep your fluid intake up around the 2-3 litres a day, as with colder temperatures we tend to drink less water…because, who here drinks warm water?
Make sure to get straight up pure herbal teas! No black tea with some added flavouring, just plain herbal teas, which are pretty much just the dried herbs crushed and mixed. Available in all good health food stores, either in tea bags or loose. There are teas that can help with digestion, boost immunity, bring some extra warmth, help with sleep, support your detoxing organs etc.

– Stay active
Keep moving in winter. The cold and wet is no reason to turn back into a couch potato. Just make sure that you warm up properly before a workout (that includes wearing some warmer clothes to begin with), then shed the  layers as you get warmer, and put them back on once you start cooling down. You do not want be all sweaty, standing around chatting to your mates after a session letting the icy winds try you off. Be smart about, put your jacket back on, and let your body cool down slowly. Adaption is the key, not shock therapy.

– Rest up
The days are shorter, and so should our daily schedule be. Listen to your inner body clock, and get a bit more rest time in than in the summer months. Just because electricity allows us to stay up with light for literally 24/7 does not mean that we do it. So why should our daily routines stay the same all year around, when the seasons still change…?!
I leave this one to sink in a bit 🙂

I often hear, and I used to say it myself: But it rains, and it is cold. I can not train, I will get all wet.
We send our kids off for footy or soccer training, and it all happens rain or shine, and we used to do it ourselves!
So why do we become so soft once we get older? I honestly have no answer to this, but at least there is now clothing that will keep you absolutely dry and warm. No more excuses
Go and check out the Storm collection by Under Armour
It is cotton material mainly, but the surface is somehow treated, and the water literally just pearls off!!! There is pants, hoodies, jackets, even shoes!
Click on the link and it will take you straight to the Australian website, and look through the products. I found just searching for “storm” didn’t give me all the results, but going through it and selecting products that had “storm” in the description got me what I wanted.

I do not get any commission for this, I just think it is like one of the greatest things ever 🙂

The following is a link I had posted on my FB page the other day, but since not everyone here gets my FB feeds (here is the link where to “like” me if you wanted to stay even more up to date with what I think is worth sharing https://www.facebook.com/VIVESCO.DYP ) , I thought I repost the link here.
Biomechanically engineered microchips, implanted into the body to communicate with ones nervous system to send signals to stop disease causing processes like ongoing inflammation, certain protein production, currently trialed with Rheumatoid Arthritis patients, but possibility to help with all sorts of body ailments.
But it also bears risks (who would have though), as this computerizing technique is vulnerable to hacking, and can also be used to change ones behaviour ( I see this as a risk, medical people will see this as the new “cure” for things like ADHD)!
Now, we are still far away from this to become mainstream treatment, but it could well be the future of our medical system, as what better way to give the people hope of living like for ever, and at the same time manipulate people all over the globe, Mind control on a global scale….
What do you think about this? I would love to hear your thoughts on this

In 2 months time Vivesco Mobile Health & Fitness will be on a break…for 2 months!
Yes, I am going away on a 2 months holiday, travelling around Europe with my husband, leaving at the end of July.
However, even though I will not be physically in Perth, I will still keep up my Blog and feed you little bits of info here and there, as I will be back and open for business from the end of September.
I will remind you of this again in the newsletter for July, but I thought it would be good to put it out there already, so you can maybe look for alternatives if need be.
Although, I am looking into possibilities like setting up training plans and holding you responsible via text message and things alike, so I hope to come up with a solution over the next weeks to come. So stay tuned 🙂

Juice of the month for June is very simple, but loaded with vitamin C, so good for the immunity
Juice of the month June 4 Oranges in relation to 1 pineapple with about 125ml coconut water (or plain water)
This will give you about 1 litre of juice

That’s it for this month’ blurb
Stay warm, fit, healthy – and most importantly: Be happy 😀

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