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1. Hibernation time – NOT
2. Sandbells
3. Thursday training
4. Future posts
5. Juice of the month


What new brings May!?

That’s what we say in Germany as May is peak spring time when everything flourishes and blooms…
Not so much here in Perth though, for us here it is almost hibernation time… Or isn’t it?!

Winter is approaching fast, we already had a few very chilly mornings, and the days are getting shorter and shorter. Not a reason to spend all your free time snuggled up on the couch though.

Stay active, it keeps the blood moving and your muscles working and therefore generates warmth right within yourself.
Wear the right clothes to keep you warm and dry form the colder, windier and wetter weather out there
My mum always used to say:” There is no wrong weather, only wrong choice of outfit!”
If you are like me and don’t heat your house/bedroom on a consistent base, and therefore find it hard to get out of bed in the morning as it is freezing: set your alarm a little early. Once it goes off turn on the heating, and by the time it is time to get up, it will be nice and toasty.
As we are still having some very nice days, it is the perfect time to still go outside to catch the first and/or last ray of sunshine. Get those vitamin D levels right up there before it will be dark when you get up as well as when you finish work….
And if you think winter is the time to rest after you worked so hard to get fit and healthy over summer, ask yourself: Do you really want to start all over again in about 4-5 months time? Believe me, it is much easier to just keep going and getting better. If you need some motivation, there will be quite a few events happening which you could train for over the next few months. Check out the events list (will be updated over the coming week)


On further news, I am very excited to announce that I have added to my list of qualifications: Sandbell Trainer!

Sandbells are an awesome exercise tool, that is yet to be discovered by the mainstream fitness genre. It is neoprene material, filled with sand, therefore acts as a weight, but is so much safer than dumbbells or kettlebells, as when it falls onto your foot or whatever, it doesn’t hurt! You can lift them, drag them, throw them or simply hold them, and most of all you can have so much fun with them 🙂

On Thursday evenings at 6pm, Abbey trains with me on a regular basis.
She does two other sessions with me throughout the week, and would like to have a buddy, or a few, on that session on Thursday evenings.
So if you are keen to do something active, maybe experience those awesome sandbells 😉
Give me a shout and come along  for a session. The more people, the more affordable it gets.
Location most times is Crn Huntriss Rd/Norman St in Karrinyup.


I have a pledge to you, which is that I will be more active on my website, posting more informative blogs about interesting things, and will put out more videos with exercises and stretches, starting this week!
Hopefully you will find it useful and instructive as well as fascinating and entertaining 🙂


My Juice of the month for May is a delicious and easy, in season and will provide you with a little zing .
You can use less apples, more ginger…remember, recipes are only guidelines 😉 to me anyway

Juice of the month May





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