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1. How to get started with jogging/running

2. Tips to keep a sharp mind

3. Events Page

4. Group Session Schedule

5. Juice of the month

1. How to get started with jogging/running
Today I want to share with you what I believe people should keep in mind when wanting to start jogging/running.
Often you come across articles and the first thing they tell you is to get medical clearance.
Really?! You should be aware that this is mainly there to cover the person that is putting out that info. So in case something happens, and in case the injured person was wanting to sue the person that wrote the article … I think you see where I am going with this.
Seriously, you want to get moving – go for it! But be smart about it. If you want to start running because you want to loose some weight or get healthier in general, maybe it is a good idea to get some checks done. But the reality is, even if the Dr puts you on a treadmill with all sorts of cables attached to you to  check your cardiovascular system, that doesn’t mean that they will find anything wrong with you. In fact I know if a guy who was super fit, looked super healthy – died of a heart attack when he was on his way out of the house to his car.
So, long story short:
A few key points:
1. Start slowly! There is no rush. Only a hand full of people can get off the couch after years, start running continuously and feel great doing that. Most people will do much better starting up with interval training. And that can be as little as jogging for 30 seconds, and then walk till you get your breath back, brisk walking though, no slouching 😉 In most people a 2 minute interval on 30 seconds on, 1.30 minutes off is perfect to start with. if you do that for say half an hour it will challenge your heart rate, but not to the point where you start gasping for air. Once you feel comfortable, lengthen the running part and shorten the walking part. I will not tell you by how many seconds, as everyone can handle different changes.
2. As soon as your heart rate elevates you will start breathing through your mouth rather than your nose, simply because the body requires more oxygen. Focus on your breath, find a rhythm that matches your strike pace, and control your breathing. If you start to breath uncontrolled and in short cycles (going into hyperventilation), you will most likely start to freak out as you will feel as you are not getting enough air. But it is not your body that can not handle what is happening, it is your physical reaction to what is happening getting the better off you.
3. Running form is another thing that gets debated constantly. I do believe that form comes with time. Once you get stronger in your core, in your legs, with your breathing, you will be able to keep up right and with your head held high. Till you do get there though, just keep in mind to keep a long tall spine as much as possible, and get your whole body involved into the movement. Swing your arms along your body and get some rotation happening through that midsection with every stride, but do not over do it. I guess what I am saying is – feel your body whilst you are out walking and running. What feels comfortable and natural to you?  Also, form goes as exhaustion sets in. So again, if you start slowly and give yourself the time to develop, you may feel that keeping good form isn’t as hard as some people want to make it out to be.
4. Running shoes and running style
Forefoot, mid-foot or heel striker…. Say What??? Check this out. If you do not think about it what soever and you wear simple running shoes you can buy in every store, you will automatically go into a heel strike when running. The shoes are designed for that with an elevation through the heel part of the shoe. But go on the grass, bare-feet, and get your speed just a little over a slow jog, and you will automatically strike mid or even fore foot, because our bodies are designed to absorb the shock from landing on the ground that way around.
So this one is completely up to you.
I like being natural as much as possible, so converted into a mid-foot/forefoot  striker. And I can tell you, if you want to do so too, get yourself some barefoot shoes. Personally I find it very uncomfortable to wear a sneaker/jogging shoe, not using a heel strike. It is possible, but I find a lot harder to do so.
Check out my older blog about bare-feet running here
5. Always warm up before you start running. Get your body ready for what you want it to do. Most cars do not do well going from 0-100, and so do we. Brisk walking, dynamic stretching ro anything that is fun to you, and gets you moving in a safe manner.
6. Cooling down after a run simply feels good. I do not recommend static stretches, but without going into the topic of mobilizers to much right now: take the position of the static stretch you want to do, but instead of holding it, move into it to the point where it starts to feel tender, and bring it back, and move into it again and bring it back. Slowly, rhythmical, and controlled. This is not a bouncy or jerky movement.
7. If you do not feel safe, or you feel like something is not right, please get assistance!
Either in form of a PT, a specialized running coach or something like the Running Center in West Perth is an awesome place to get the help you need.

photo 1

2. Tips to keep a sharp mind
With our lives being so busy nowadays and everything just rushing past us on a 24/7 cycle, it can be hard to stay focused and keep your cool.
So here is just a few tips how to maybe make life that little easier for you.

  1. Stay in focus with what you do. Multitasking really doesn’t work. Yes, sometimes it is necessary, but it should not be how you do things on a day to day base. You lose time when you switch from one task to another and you can accomplish far more when you do one thing at a time. So pay attention, focus, concentrate and think. Focus can actually be relaxing for your brain because you aren’t pulled in multiple directions at once. Try to minimize distractions, clutter, interruptions and brain overload. Keep lists and delegate when you can. You will increase your productivity and creativity. And don’t forget to take some breaks for mental clarity.
  2. Walk it out. Someone once said all great ideas happen while walking. If you take walks, especially in nature, you can improve your mood, boost your immunity, and get some vitamin D (through sunlight). Plus, natural settings provide an inner calm that you can get in front of your computer screen. Surround yourself with green (plants) as the color is grounding.
  3. Step by step. Make it easier for you to achieve some of your goals by breaking bigger goals into smaller ones. Sure, you can plot out what you’d like to weigh or what size you’d like to be, but on a daily basis, think of the next short-term goal you can hit. Wouldn’t you rather be excited about all the tiny victories along the way instead of holding out for the end goal? Shorter goals help you develop the habits you need to reach long-term goals by focusing on what you are doing right now, today.
  4. Stay in the now, but keep your dreams in mind. You will have slip ups. You will most likely have days when you justify to yourself why you shouldn’t work out or why it’s okay to overeat. It happens. Accept a little room for being human upfront. Don’t get caught in a negative thinking trap; it won’t accomplish anything. If you slip up, just say, “Okay, I slipped up. Now I’m getting right back on track.” Jump right back in with your healthy habits and look ahead.
  5. Keep an accomplishment list. What have you achieved this year? What wins have you had? Keep a running list to remind yourself of how fabulous you are. Include the little and big things. Now on days when you are dragging or feeling blue, read your list. You can skip feeling defeated and go straight to feeling empowered when you use your accomplishments to fuel future accomplishments.
  6. Plan your fun for now and not later. Don’t put off your own enjoyment of YOUR life. As the years go by, are you doing the fun things you always said you’d do one day? Ask yourself:If not now, when?
  7. Reconnect. What’s important to you? Family? Friends? A little solitude? Serene music? A yoga workout? Make sure you reconnect with what recharges you. Busy most times means disconnected. When you are in the frantic pace of a busy day, you may lose that important mind and body connection. Slow down and be present.
  8. Listen to your inner voice. When you are deep into your busy day, you are probably drowning out that whisper of your inner voice that’s your compass. It’s the whisper you hear that says, “I really should exercise today” or “I probably shouldn’t eat this much” or “I really want to live in a healthier way.” When you slow down and focus internally, you hear your own wise counsel. Put simply, you connect with you.

3. Events page
With summer approaching I recently spent some time to update my EVENTS Page
There you will find a lot of the sporting events that will be happening in and around Perth over the months to come. Some to participate, some to go and watch, as well as the odd non-fitness related event 😉
Go ahead, check it out. Maybe you find something interesting for you to go to.

4. Group Session Schedule
Talking about getting into running earlier, I am proud to announce a new addition to my group training schedule:
Sand Running on Wednesday mornings at 6am
It is training for beginners which means it is interval based, and can be customized to suit individual needs.
We will also simply have some fun playing in the sand, too 😉
The complete schedule can be found here

5. Juice of the month
I am fully into my green juices at the moment. They are alkalizing, refreshing, and so nourishing for the body
This one is a mix of celery, kale, spinach, green apple, lemon and ginger for a bit of punch. I also added some parsley, but that can take a bit of getting used to taste wise 😉

Juice of the month November 14


  1. Thanks for the feedback Mike.
    much appreciated. And I shall def see what Tolle is up to whilst in OZ 🙂

  2. Hi Martina,
    Particularly liked No.2’s list, great advice, being patient with ourselves, we’ll definitely see change.
    Eckhart Tolle in Oz at the moment, and well worth a look online, for helping us understand the powerful power of now.. 🙂

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