October Blurb

1. Vivesco Is Back In Action

2. New dates for the 8 Weeks Program

3. Spring clean time, not just for your house

4. Juice of the month

HELLO HELLO Everybody!
It is good to be back.
I had a ripper of a time in Europe, but I am very much looking forward to see all my lovely clients again, to help them feel better, enjoy life better!
VIVESCO is open again for business. Looking forward to train, massage and talk to you again about all things health and a happy life!


You may remember that I had been advertising for an 8 weeks exercise program.
Unfortunately I did not have enough responses to get it started last week.
I will give it another go and so I set some new dates.
Gift yourself a fitter, healthier, and happier YOU
is what I call it this time, as it will finish just before Christmas.
The new dates are Monday 27.10.2014 – Sunday 21.12.2014
Everything else stays the same and can be found here


Spring is finally upon us and for many people that means to give their home a proper clean, their car a polish…make everything look nice and shiny, inside and out.
Why not do the same for your body though?!
Spring is the perfect time to do some form of what most people call “detox”, for any time from 2 days to 2 weeks or longer if preferred.
Personally I am not a big fan of that word, because our bodies naturally detox all the time. I found using this term is quite confusing to a lot of people.
I prefer to call it to give your body a rest, the chance to regenerate, to come back stronger and refreshed.
I will write a more details blog post about this in about 2 weeks time, so stay tuned.
But for now, if it was just one thing that you could start to help your body regenerate better: Have some warm lemon water first thing in the morning.
It supports the liver, the major detox organ in the body, and it is alkalizing to the system, hence reducing inflammation which in most people nowadays is chronic because of diet and lifestyle.
downloadNow, how much lemon you use is up to. However I recommend at least half a lemon per 250ml


This Juice is still quite wintery, but super yum and easy!
Oranges, Apples and Pear
Juice of the month October

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  1. Hi Martina, Welcome back!
    That lemon jar looks intense, lemon water greatly refreshing, as well as helping regulate your body’s pH.
    Enjoy the warmer weather slowly coming in.. 🙂

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