Grab the Opportunity to start feeling great

1. 28 Days Wellness Adventure
2. Small changes to the current Group Fitness Schedule
3. VIVESCO Active Living services being available in Innaloo through You Can Do Fit

I want to invite you all, your loved ones and friends, co-workers, to come on an
adventure with me.

28 days were you get the opportunity to experience great tasting healthy foods every day. The opportunity to get moving well every day. The opportunity to try little life hacks that can make a big difference to your overall well being. A massive amount of knowledge and practical application to really feel the difference. Some people pay thousands of $$$ to get access to things like this, go on retreats, only to find when back home they can not implement it into their normal day to day life.
You will get the tools, the knowledge and the support to change your life for 28 days, and longer there after if you want to. I can not promise you that it will be super easy, but I am promising to you that it will be worth it!
Places are limited, so make sure to get in early! Click on the picture to get all the details
Wellness Adventure


From next Monday (11.09.2017) there will be slight changes to the current Group Fitness Schedule.

The Thursday session will change from Cardio Punch to Traditional Strength. We will be focusing on just a few exercises as well as isolating areas of the body to focus on pure strength and power.

Wednesdays will see a ZenFit class from now on, starting right after Cardio Punch at 6.30pm. Here we will go through the whole routine, every single session. This class has a separate charge at this stage. Will possibly become part of the whole pack in the future.
The ZenFit on Saturdays will continue after the first 8 week program comes to an end at the end of this month. It will continue as a 6 week program. You can purchase single sessions or commit to a 6 session pack. Even though the routine will be dissected, classes are open for anyone to come and go.

Saturday will change from FreeStyle to FlowStyle. Here the session will now go with the flow 🙂
Uneven numbers of participants: we will learn movement routines involving weights or just body weight. Here it is all about moving and transitioning fluently, with rhythm and timing.
Even numbers participants it will be challenges and games and fun, and maybe some routines as well.
As I said, we will go with the flow 🙂
These changes are an opportunity for everyone to experience a greater variety of how to move and exercise. 
Our bodies LOVE variety, strive on variety and I want to do my best possible to provide this to you.
Also, from the 1st of October the sessions on Saturday will start half an hour earlier: 6.30am and 7.45am

I am now part of the You Can Do Fit Team in Innaloo.

On Tuesday afternoons I am now available for PT sessions, as well as conducting 2 Outdoor Group Fitness Sessions at Birralee Reserve in Innaloo. The Group Sessions are at 4.45pm and 6.00pm. Before, inbetween and after I am available for Personal Training sessions.
We have all my usual tools to work with as well as more 
traditional weights, spin bikes, pull up bars, and my favorite: A Power Plate!!! Best device EVER to speed up 
recovery, as well as intensifying your training. Yet again, a versatile device 🙂
Another opportunity for yourself or others you know, that live closer to Innaloo than Tapping, to take advantage of my services.
All info and bookings go through the You Can Do Fit website


Also, don’t forget about the new Referral Program in place. Here the link in case you forgot – Referral Program
As with everything, we tend to trust most and are more inclined to try, when we hear about a positive experience from someone we know. Share the love, the feel-good
feelings, and the rewards 🙂

Thank you for your time.

In Health & Wellness

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