Sleep or not to sleep

Sleep or not to sleep?

Since I got busier and busier with work, and therefore encountered changes in my daily schedule, I was faced with the challenge to change my sleep routine to make sure that I am able to keep up with the early mornings, as well as often lateish evenings.

For me personal I need my 7-8 hours of sleep to function well throughout the day. I know that there is people out there that deal with a lot less, and for some it seems to work, and often you can find the exemption to the rule, but often you will find that it only seems like they cope, but eventually it will catch up with them in one form or the other.
The picture below is a collection of issues that can arise from long term sleep deprivation, including increased risk of heart disease, diabetes II, and increased injury risk.

But please do not get anxious now. The old “catching up on some sleep” is by far no myth.
However, this should not be the solution to the problem. Nothing beats a proper routine that guarantees you the right amount of sleep for you. The “catching up” is for those occasions where you just had to stay up late or just had to get up early no matter what.
The link here sums up a study that had been done to find out how catching up on sleep affects our bodies. And the good news is, it works in terms of reducing cortisol levels, reduction of inflammation levels, as well as reducing “day time sleepiness”. One thing that did not improve though was attention performance. Which means that things like operating machinery (cars) when sleep deprived can still be impaired even after having those few hours of extra sleep.

Key points for a good nights rest:
1. Establish a routine that guarantees you 7-8 hours of sleep (guidelines, listen to your body)
2. Get 2-3 hours of sleep before midnight, as naturally that is when we get the deepest rest
3. Go to sleep without the TV running, as the light can deplete melatonin production which helps with falling and staying asleep
4. Personally I think some light music or an audiobook that turns off after a while, so quietness is guaranteed, isn’t too bad, if it helps you to turn of the chatter in your mind

So go on, have a good night 😉

Sleep deprivation chart

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