Thank You

Hello and Thank You for taking your time to read this.


As we approach, yet again the end of another year, I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you!
Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life, your experience to better health and well being.
A lot of you I have been able to get to know on a very personal basis and I respect and appreciate your trust.

I am looking forward to the times ahead, knowing I have not only formed client-coach/therapist relationships, but mostly personal relationships. Knowing that what we do together has a positive impact on your life. It reaches into mine and enriches it, makes it better. It is what gives it purpose.
Please, let me thank you for this.

The way I would like to do that this year, is not giving back straight to you. I would like to forward it on to someone you know! Someone, who you nominate to be the receiver of some of the work I do. Someone, who you think, deserves/needs what I can provide.

I will pick 2 people to receive a 1 hour massage each, plus 1/2 hour spending time after to show them what they can do to help themselves a bit more.
Furthermore, I will pick another 3 people to receive a 1 hour PT session focusing on how they can improve their current performance.

To help you choose which one you want to make a nomination for:
The massage would be suitable for someone who has not been active/exercising for quite some time. Someone who is currently injured, someone who always feels sore ( think Fibromyalgia ).
The training session would suit someone who is currently active, but has soreness/tenderness/somewhat painful niggles here and there. Someone who has been training the same routine for quite some time. Someone who hasn’t been training, but is generally well and has maybe been talking about taking up some training for quite some time now.

Conditions for this are: Nominees can only be people that have not seen me before. Need to live within 15km radius of Tapping.
You need to either send me an email or a message through the FB page, reasoning why the person you are putting forward is in need/deserves to receive my offer.
You can nominate multiple people.
I will pick all 5 people on Tuesday the 10th of January.
Have a chat to them before you nominate to assure they are happy to receive.

I wish I was in a better position to do more and be more generous. Hopefully things will continue to work out and one day soon I will be able to do more. 


One more quick announcement.
I have been very slack this year getting monthly newsletters out. To be fully honest, to do it the year before was quite hard work. So for this year coming, please don’t expect too much through this site. I will not try and push something out every month. I f I have something I want to share my opinion on, I will do so.
But when it comes to exercise suggestions, education on the body etc, I decided I will simply share the content from people who I learn from, as they are way more in depth about stuff.

Also, there are so many people out there having an opinion on everything. I just don’t feel the need to add mine to it. I love to talk about all sorts of health/fitness/wellness related topics, but really only when I am  asked about it. I am too introverted to put myself out on the WWW pretending I know it all. Simply because I know I don’t 😉

You will continue to receive emails about events, news, changes, and as I said, if there is something I think is really amazing and worth sharing. Though, a lot of this will happen just via FB as well. You can be assured to to be swamped by emails from end 🙂  


Thank you again for all your support!
I wish you all a great start into 2017
Whether it will be a good year, a better year… who knows. It is really mostly up to ourselves.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Max Planck ( German Physicist, Quantum Physics, Nobel Price… smart man  😉  )  

Change the way you look at things – and things you look at change

Be safe everyone!

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