Vegetarian/Vegan Fitness

Vegetarian/Vegan Fitness.

I had quite a few discussions lately about fitness and nutrition
and I am amazed by the conception of so many people that it is meat one needs to get enough energy and protein to be physically active!

I wont preach vegetarinism or veganism, as I am still finding my way myself ( I still eat chicken, fish and eggs and dairy products, but I feel more and more drawn away from it…)
but there is so much evidence out there that all the nutrients the human body needs can be obtained from plant based diets.

And not just that, but also how much more beneficial plant based diets are for ones overall health

Check out these websites for vegetarian/vegan athletes:

And please go and visit this website
and read the story of Alan Murray and Janette Murray-Wakelin, running around Australia this year, being in their 60’s!!!!!
She survived cancer, and lives now on a purley plant based diet. Just one of the many proofs out there that cancer can be outlived with a treatment of natural means….
(refer to earlier post of mine about the Goerson Diet)

Thanks for your time 🙂

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  1. Awesome article – very informative.

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