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Hello Everyone  😀 

I have been doing a lot of research over the last few weeks, let my fingers go for a walk 😉 .
Here is what I have come up with for the next 6 months:

Every month there will be 1 organized Recreational Bush Walk.
The dates are not yet set in stone, but I have come up with a schedule that would suit me. Hopefully it will suit most of you.
The plan outlines as follow:

Sunday 10.07.16
Bilya Walk Track in Toodyay
Possible 10.30am start. Dogs are allowed. This one is an easy around 9km return trip.

Sunday 07.08.16
John Forrest National Park
Possible start 10.00am. Dogs are not allowed. Planning on doing part of the Eagle View Trail, leading into the Railway Heritage Trail to end up at Parkerville Tavern before return.
JF NP offers lots of possibilities for all fitness levels and you can decide what you want to do on the day.

Sunday 18.09.16
Walyunga National Park
Possible start 10.00am. Dogs are not allowed.
Again Walyunga offers lots of different lengths as well as difficulty trails to choose from. It is up to you how much you want to do on the day

Sunday 16.10.16
Yanchep National Park
Possible start 9.30am. Dogs are not allowed.
Yanchep NP has again multiple options to walk and explore. If it is too hot, there are caves that can be visited 😉

Sunday 20.11.16
Ellis Brook Valley near Gosnells
Possible start 9.00am. Dogs are allowed 🙂
Same scenario as with all the previous parks. You can decide how much you want to walk.

Sunday 04.12.16
Bells Rapid Swan Valley
This one is a shorter trip with the possibility to take a dip in the river if the weather allows, or if you are bold enough! 😉
Possible start 9.00am and Dogs are allowed

All these have been entered into the online booking system, and I would appreciate everyone booking in. If no one books, I may safe myself the drives and end up doing something different.

And remember, these are free of cost (except some NP may require an entry fee), and additional family and friends are more than welcome to join in. The more the merrier 🙂

Further more I have organized with Greg from JSR Massage to book out and hour with him on Saturday the 30th of July, for him to teach those who are interested a Whole Body Sequence of Foam Rolling. This will happen at the JSR massage clinic in Joondalup.

Foam Rolling is a type of self massage, and can be easily done at home. For people who train multiple times a week and keep very active with a lot of muscular activity, this will be helpful to keep the body spongy and mobile. For those that live a more stationary life, it will help to keep the tissue hydrated and moving so it doesn’t get stuck. Whatever the case, this will empower you to look after yourself, and it is much cheaper than getting a massage done once a week, which is what most of us should be doing…
This hour is capped to 10 people and will cost $25. You can book yourself in through the online booking system, and pay on the day.
Here is the link to Greg’s clinic should you wish to read up a little on him. Or have a chat to Steve, he has seen him and had treatment from Greg and knows how great that man is! http://www.jsrmassage.com/

And last but not least, my Basic Essentials class is on again this Sunday!
Spaces available for 4 people, $25 each, to learn about your deeper core, breathing, individualizing muscles
and how to create instant stability by using all these together in rhythm and timing.
Bookings are essential


Thank you for your attention 🙂

And remember:

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