What Am I Doing

What Am I Doing.

Building up my own business for the last year has been challenging, rewarding, frustrating, exhilarating, short:
A big rollercoaster ride! Worth it every second.

And still, after one year, my business is still only at the beginning to become something great one day.
In this process though you sit back sometimes and wonder: What am I doing? What is my business? What do I want my business to be, and to become?
Well, I have spoken to many others who have been down this path of running their own business, or who are in the process themselves at the current point in time.

Not too long ago, one of them asked me (because we only just met): “So what is it that you do?”
As I started to explain, that I help people with their fitness and to feel better within their bodies through massage as well, she cut me off and said: “You don’t have a business! If you can not tell me specific what it is that you offer, then you do not have a business!”
BAM, that put me in my place! What do you mean I do not have a business? I work on and in it almost 24/7…
So, she went on:” To have a business you need to have a niche market. A target market to custom your advertisement towards and which is easy to understand, what you have to offer to that particular market!”
Going further with this, she put me on the spot to choose a niche. But in all honesty, I wasn’t even given all the options.
Anyway, then and there I chose a niche, and I went home to think about it and start working on it.
Well, that never really happened.
And you know why?
Because I already have a niche. It is just not a very conventional one!

I see my business, or myself for that matter, as a service for people who feel like that they need to make some changes in their lives. May it be through fitness or manual therapy. But more than that, I want people to know that they can afford to do that!
Most of the time when I speak to other trainers/business people, the first thing they always say is: Do not be afraid to charge for your services. You are worth it!
Well, that is true. But what about the people that want to implement changes or need a good massage to get their bodies and health back on track, but simply can not afford to, because “professionals” charge $90 an hour and more!
Yes, I do have prices on my website for my services, but all of my clients know that I am always more than happy to throw in a discount, or even more important: I am happy to drop my fee, when it is genuinely needed! I know too well what it is like not to be able to afford certain things because of minimal income, or other outlays like mortgages.
So for those who are a bit tight with their finances, but want to commit to themselves for the better, I am more than happy to meet them  somewhere where we both feel comfortable!
I have been doing this since I started my business, and what can I say: It seems to work for me, as my clients are loyal, happy, and give back in their own individual way.
Some “pay” me back with great feedback about my services, which helps me to change and grow. Others create further job opportunities for me. Or they adjust as much as they can to my constant changing schedule (one thing I will work on for the coming year to hopefully stabilise a bit more).
I truly believe that “what goes around, comes around”!
So why should I stick to my pricing, when it means that I take away the chance for someone to make a change. And vice versa, take away my chance to end up with another awesome client!
It goes both ways!
And even though I am not in a position where I can work for free, as I said, I am more than happy to meet those who need a bit of help and talk about their situation and work something out that will hopefully suit us both 🙂

I believe, this is a pretty cool niche!
Not an easy one to advertise, hence so far I haven’t, because I do not know how to put it out there. I guess word of mouth and referrals are the bees knees for something like this, so far so good 🙂
For a while I was even contemplating to just charge a base fee for all my services, and then leave the rest up to the client. There is restaurants that let you pay whatever you think the food was worth…but then I thought: “That kind of seems like putting people under pressure. And it is not the kind of energy that I want.” Hence, I don’t think I will go ahead with this.

So I guess for now, if anyone asks me what my business is, I can say:
“I am a fitness and movement therapist, giving anyone a fair go at making changes in their lifes!”
That is what I do 🙂

Happy Weekend Everybody

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  1. Hi Martina
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts on your journey with us.
    Inspiring, honest, thoughtful & generous; true healing credentials..
    Many of us would share genuine gratitude for your dedicated & consistently positive application of skills and advice.
    Wishing you all that you would wish for, and thanks again.

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