Personal Training

With Vivesco Active Living you can expect to
work your body within its abilities, challenge yourself
while respecting your body for what it truly is:
A complex organism where every single part works together,
and because of, another part.

Depending on your personal circumstances, we’ll use the model below to ensure a whole body integrated session, every time.



In your personal training with Vivesco, you will be met where you need to be met. With encouragement and understanding you will be challenged when you need it, and advised to rest where appropriate to achieve the best outcome for your body, mind and spirit.


Personal training with Martina at Vivesco is for you if:

  • You have never exercised, but now feel that you should
  • You want to exercise by don’t know where to start
  • You exercise already, but want to make sure you don’t get injured
  • You want to feel more energetic
  • You want to have a better relationship with your body
  • You haven’t exercised in a while because of an injury, and you’re worried it might happen again
  • You work in a job that is very repetitive in its movements (or not moving much at all!),
and need to counteract this in a safe and healthy way
  • You want someone to hold you accountable to do something for yourself on a weekly basis
  • You want to compete or achieve a certain fitness goal and need to improve your performance


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The group fitness classes work on the same principles as above. However, due to their nature, they’re not as individualized as a 1on1 session. Even so, all exercises are adjustable, and you will only ever work within your personal capabilities.

Group sessions are designed to let you have fun, socialize, get your sweat on, and feel good, all in a safe environment. They are held outside at the various locations listed below.

To run the sessions, we need a minimum of 4 people, and we will never have more than 12 (except up to 20 participants allowed for the ZenFit sessions).

There are three types of group sessions on offer, which you can read more about HERE, along with the current time table.

All sessions can be booked and paid for online. New Comer Offers are always available – ask us for more info!

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Cancellation call 12 hours before session required.

Lakeside Pavilion, Scenic Drive, Wanneroo

Discover Vivesco Personal Training and Group Fitness in and around Tapping – and Discover Your Potential