28 Days Wellness Adventure

Join us on an adventure –
A 28 Days Wellness Adventure

An adventure because you will be faced with unknown and new experiences and challenges.
An adventure because it can be risky and scary to discover new things about yourself,
but also exciting and exhilarating!

Wellness Adventure

Let me be your guide through small and simple but effective changes to help you feel younger for longer, age with grace and dignity, be mobile and nimble.
If you want to have more energy, feel fitter, be more confident, and learn some simple little things you can implement on a daily basis to achieve some big changes, than this Wellness Adventure is for you!
Participation in Group Sessions and following the Wellness Adventure Meal Plan is not compulsory, but highly recommended.

What’s included

Throughout the 28 days you will have access to 9 Group Fitness Sessions weekly, you will be provided a Wellness Meal plan, put together by an accredited nutritionist to ensure proper nutrition without sacrificing taste*, access to a closed FB group for support and community, online Info talks for deeper understanding of the ideas, concepts and reasons behind the experiences and challenges presented, short workouts you can do at home, and access to special offers to help you along the way and/or afterwards.
You will also be able to participate in one or more 28 day body weight exercise challenges:
1. Ground to Standing 
2. Lunge Matrix challenge
3. Mary Go 
Round challenge

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Weekly breakdown:
In every week you will have access to the Group Fitness to get your body moving in a healthy and sustainable
way, as well as use your Meal Plan to have daily delicious easy recipes.
Week 1 will focus on mind set and personal development. Getting back in touch with yourself and your inner 
desires. This week is all about reconnecting!
Week 2 is a little bit more about deeper understanding of why certain things are good/better for you than others. 
We will talk about our bodies, how acidity and alkalinity impacts the body. We will go focus on the 7 Health 
Principals this week.
In Week 3 I will introduce you to some health topics that are always debated quite fiercely. I have juts chosen a
few, but my aim is to get you intrigued, to start ask questions and not juts take everything a doctor or Facebook
tells for the one and only truth!
And week 4 will be all about, where to from here. Talking about sustainability, accountability, and making things 
work long term.
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Still not sure?
Here are some more extras 🙂

On sign up you will be given a WELCOME pack including the following:
  • Welcome message outlining what to expect: Info about VIVESCO and your ‘guide’ Martina and the topics that will be covered in the online info talks
  • An account for easy online booking of Group Sessions                                    Wellness Adventure
  • Link to Closed FB group
  • 28 Days Meal Plan
  • At home measurements tracker
  • A Journal
  • A Golf Ball
  • A list on where to buy foods and recommended brands
  • Checklist for daily tasks 
  • And not to forget, all of the above 🙂

Especially for this adventure I have added another 2 time slots for
Group Sessions bringing the total to choose from to 9 sessions per week!
Also, the cap of 10 participants will be lifted throughout the 28 days to assure enough spots for everyone.

Group Fitness Schedule

5.30am On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in Hocking
6.30am Saturday in Hocking
7.45am Saturday in Hocking
9.30am Monday in Wanneroo
5.30pm Wednesday in Hocking
6.00pm Thursday in Wanneroo
6.30pm Wednesday in Hocking

The Wanneroo Sessions will be at Scenic Drive (Neville Park) Lake side: Mix session of strength, stamina, mobility and fun
The Hocking Sessions are at the St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School
For more info on what session is on please click here

All of the above is now available to you for only $45 per week! Book now to reserve your spot out of 20! That is right, only 20 spots available for this, so BOOK NOW!

Money back guarantee: If you do not wish to continue after the first 5 days, you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked. Cancellation request needs to be submitted in writing by the 6th day of the Wellness Adventure.
Secure your spot now!

Payment plans are also available. Please follow this link to choose between 2 payments or 4 payments. These are Direct Debit options and exclude the Money back offer. However, cancellation is possible. See Terms and Conditions following the link.

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Come and join our Group Fitness Sessions for 1 week for absolutely free!  wellness adventure
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*The plan is laid out to deliver round about 1600 kilo calories per day. I will give instructions for all male participants on how to increase to round about 2000 kilo calories. The plan is optional, but will get you better results if reducing body fat is one of your main goals.

4 Weeks for a Lifetime

28 Days Wellness AdventureOnly 1 week till kick offhttps://vivescoal.com.au/portfolio/28-days-wellness-adventure/

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