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4 Weeks Premium OfferIntroductory Offer

Whether you experience difficulties with your body that stem from an injury, overuse (or under-use) over a period of time, whether you need to mix things up with your usual training, or if you are simply looking for something new to do – come and let us get to know each other!
The whole spectrum of VIVESCO’s services for you to explore in just 28 days!

What’s included:
  • For those 28 days you will have unlimited access to all available group sessions (TimeTable) (value of $157)
  • You can choose between booking in for
    1 Initial Soft Tissue Therapy session for 90 minutes,
    2 Personal Training sessions at 40 minutes each  (value of $115)
  • We will schedule 2 video calls. The first one at the beginning to catch about goals, expectations, and do a health and fitness screening to find out where you are at. And one at the end to talk about the last 4 weeks, your take on it all and how you experienced it. (value $80)
What are the benefits:

Doing this for 28 days will give yourself as well as your body the chance to adapt to the new experience, and bring upon some positive changes. It also allows you to gain a better understanding of how and why we do things a little different to most other Personal Trainers and Massage Therapists around.
Furthermore this will also allow me to understand you and your body better so we can figure out the best plan for you to achieve what you want to get out of engaging with us. We get to know each other a little better 🙂

What will it cost:

As our introductory offer for you as a new client it will be an investment into yourself of $75.00 per week.

As a further bonus you will receive a complete 4 week meal plan and shopping list with amazingly tasty healthy recipes.


Let’s get to know each other better.

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If you are ready to go follow this link to create an account, purchase the Premium Introductory Offer in full and you can come to your first Group Session straight away.

If this is not for you, check out our services in general and get in touch when you want to get started.
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