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As a qualified naturopath, I am passionate about addressing every single client of mine as the beautiful individual they are. By looking at the whole of you and not just singled out symptoms, we can get you to feel better than you have ever felt, overcome barriers that have held you back in all aspects of life, get your mind sharp and switched on, and feel energized throughout the whole day.
How would you like to live a life that is fully based on your own genetic blueprint, which means you give your body mind and soul exactly what it needs to function at it’s best?
We find out what your genetic blueprint is, and will put strategies in place to make sure that this blueprint is supported in the best way possible.
This will go into all aspects of your life: Your surroundings, your living space, the people you deal with day to day, your food, your exercise regime, the way you think and feel and perceive the world.
Being able to address all this, creates a wholistic system that will enable you to Revive, Improve and Live.
The way to start this involves an extensive Initial consultation where we will measure your body from head to toe, and take you through a questionnaire through your health, diet, and lifestyle.
This will determine your blueprint. We will follow this session up with 2 more appointments to set you up and get you started.
Currently we have this on special for only $257 (normally $409)
Not quite sure about this?
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You can do a short 3 minute test which will already provide you with a lot of info and maybe enough for you to go ahead and start making better choices.
If you then want more you can go ahead and test the more in depths version for FREE for 1 week.
However, it is advisable to have a qualified coach like me helping you through that process.
But at least this gives you a chance to try it all out, risk free before committing to anything.
Go ahead! Life is waiting for you to be lived in the best possible way 🙂