Mobile Personal Training Wanneroo, Perth

Vivesco Active Living is a Health & Fitness Service based in Tapping, north of Perth, servicing the Wanneroo area.
Martina McLeod, the heart of Vivesco, is a naturopathic Personal Trainer (Movement Conditioning Coach) and Manual Therapist, who offers a wellness centred approach with her services. Whether you are in need of rehab, prehab, or just ongoing conditioning and recovery support to deal with whatever life throws at you – training with and/or receiving massage therapy from Martina is your answer to your problem.
Our Goal for you is simple – Better Life Quality.
Allowing you to spend time with yourself, doing something for yourself, helping you to get back in touch with yourself, and doing all this at your own pace and within your abilities, this is where Martina sees her strength as a trainer.
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Experience the joy in pain free movement, enhance your training experience or simply nourish your soul.

Personal Training

Private Movement Conditioning

  • Sole focus on your goals
  • Every exercise uniquely chosen and tailored 
  • 100% attention to you


Massage Therapy

  • Enhancing performance and recovery
  • Reducing aches & pains
  • Balancing mobility & stability
  • Relaxation


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Personal Training

“Martina has achieved with me what I had
almost given up hope on. She has been so patient, but persistent with me in her training
as well as the massages that I received, that after years of not being able to jog or run because of old footy injuries, yesterday was
the first day in a long time that I was out with
my girls playing ball and catch and all sorts of
things running around for ages without any pain
or even the slightest discomfort in my legs.” 


Vivesco Active Living
University Qualified Personal Movement Coach and Body Worker

– Fitness For Wellness & Wellness For Life –

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