Massage Therapy


In my opinion, massage is one of the most beautiful and powerful therapies you can choose for your body. Whether you’re young, old, tall, short, small, big, fit, overweight, healthy, sick – massage can help you.

Regular treatments can open your eyes about what your body is truly capable of. You receive all the physical benefits like muscle relaxation, increased blood and lymph flow, and improved sleep. But more importantly, you will experience something that is given very little credit in today’s world – the caring touch and connection with another human being.

I offer Therapeutic Massage to help with pain, discomfort, and tightness.

Specializing in fascia freeing, I work a lot around the joints and bony parts of the body to free up and stimulate the web of soft tissue that holds your body in shape. Therapeutic massage also includes deep tissue work on the muscles, various sports massage techniques and trigger point work.

Swedish is a more gentle form of massage and usually carried out on the whole body.

Reflexology is a therapy that involves reflex points on your feet to indirectly influence different areas of your body.

All services are available, whether you’re a Vivesco Personal Training client or not.

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