What some of our clients have to say!

Sean and Caroline said:

“Caroline and I met Martina through the 30 day Wellness challenge (Belridge Chiropractic) that we participated in November 2015 and these last six months with Martina has seen both of us increase our vitality and zest not to mention a sense of achievement each time we complete a session
Back in 2015, we were exercising quite regularly, doing the normal routine that anyone would find on the internet such as walking, jogging and some resistance type exercises. This was quite sufficient in keeping us active and engaged but ever so often this would cause certain aches and pains (no doubt due to our age as well 😉 ) resulting from a lack of understanding about the type of exercise and the required stretching before and after.
We of course were quite apprehensive when we attended our first “group session” having heard of the horrors of “Boot Camp” etc etc.
Instead we were pleasantly surprised that Martina’s “group session” though working us hard (huffing, puffing and sweating) was filled with fun activities that made the 1 hour just go so quickly. Through the sessions we learned to mobilize and activate our body through a range of movements that includes engaging our nervous systems as well.
Although these sessions leave us “worked out”, we do have a smile on our faces, and have a sense of achievement. As for the aches and pains, sometimes our muscles do ache but it’s not the same damaging pain that we had experienced before when just exercising ourselves.
In what started as a goal for each of us has now turned into a lifestyle. A lifestyle that we will continue to enjoy for many more years.”

Tasha said:
“I absolutely love Martina’s massages. She intuitively uses the right pressure, finds all the spots and also works on other related areas. I can feel the difference that makes as everything is connected. I also appreciate her efforts to to cater for me last minute as my schedule does not allow much time for planning ahead.”

Mike said:
“I have received massage treatments for 2 years now. Martina is very consistent with her work and always seems to know exactly what I need on the day. My body has never felt better and I enjoy swimming with so much greater movement. A previous car accident left me presenting varied therapeutic challenges, so Martina’s extensive training, sensitivity, consistent quality of focus & thoroughly professional practice has very positively benefited my overall state of health. With many years of receiving various massage approaches & practitioners for my ongoing medical needs, I can in my experience wholeheartedly recommend her services as easily equal to the very best. (She’s also very nice..) Someone so skilled offering services mobile to you at reasonable rates, allows for regular treatment to really effect lasting positive results.”

Andrew said:

“Martina has achieved with me what I had almost given up hope on. She has been so patient, but persistent with me in her training as well as the massages that I received, that after years of not being able to jog or run because of old footy injuries, yesterday was the first day in a long time that I was out with my girls playing ball and catch and all sorts of things running around for ages without any pain or even the slightest discomfort in my legs.”

Corrinna said:
“No matter where in my body I have little aches and pains, Martina always finds the right stretch to give me instant relief. I always enjoy my training with her as the sessions are tailored to my very personal needs and she always adjusts to how I feel on the day. Besides having my physical needs looked after by her through fitness training and massages, she has also a wealth of knowledge about life in general and all topics health (physical as well as mental) which she is always happy to share.
She is a very genuine caring person”






Angelica Mallett said:

“Martina is a very motivational personal trainer!! She understands all levels of fitness and makes its an enjoyable session, she is one of the only people who has been able to push me & not hated it:) she makes it fun to work out!!”





Laura said:
“I recently came to see Martina for a massage. I had been having a sore back for a few weeks. I found her friendly, calm intuitive nature made it a very relaxing experience. She easily located any knots and tight muscles on my back and gently (as one possible can!) worked them out. I immediately felt better and the next day my muscles still felt loose and relaxed. -Not sore like I would normally have felt. I will definitely be coming back to see her on a regular basis. Highly recommended.”


Marin Abelanet said:

“It has been soon a year that Martina is working on my back and shoulders, in that time because of our respectives travels we did not had a lot of sessions, but the ones that i had are starting to pay off today, I please to write that Martina is very professional and caring for her patient, she has assisted not only in massage, but also on little posture tips, and consciouness that make my life easier (and my shoulders less tense…). I would recommend for any one to give Martina a try, I am sure you will love it first time :-)”